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PartyPoker Weekly: Conquer the World and win up to $100,000!

PartyPoker Weekly

Welcome to the latest edition of the PartyPoker Weekly, your one-stop shop for everything PartyPoker related. This week we have news of a new promotion, words from Kara Scott and much more. Keep on reading to find out what we have in store for you.

Conquer the World and win Huge Prizes!

PartyPoker is the place to be if you want to win huge prizes in February. Kicking off at 00:00ET on Feb. 1, is the World Domination promotion. You do not want to miss it.

Running throughout the month of February, the World Domination promotion will see PartyPoker players be awarded one of 64 different cities for every 10 PartyPoints they earn. Each city carries with it a prize, ranging from entries to freerolls with prize pools ranging from $1,000 to $10,000; and instant cash prizes of between $1 and $20.

Furthermore, collect enough cities and you can build entire countries! Each country contains four cities, find all four of these and you will win between $50 and $1,200 in cold, hard cash!

Keep collecting cities and you could complete a continent, which opens the door to some massive cash prizes. Each continent is made up of four countries, build a continent and you will be awarded between $1,000 and $7,000. Complete all four continents and achieve World Domination and be rewarded with a the gigantic $100,000 prize!

PartyPoint are awarded at a rate of two per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees, so even the smallest stakes player should be able to earn plenty of cities! Good luck!

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PartyPoker Pros Kara Scott & Marvin Rettenmaier Win GPI European Awards!

Two of PartyPoker's sponsored pros were recognised by the Global Poker Index European Poker Awards this past week, picking up awards for Player of the Year and Poker Personality of the Year.

Marvin Rettenmaier had an amazing 2012 and he was rightly awarded the coveted Player of the Year awards. His team-mate and friend, Kara Scott, was the awards ceremony's hostess, but she had to step away from the microphone to pick up the title of Poker Personality of the Year.

In her personal blog on the PartyPoker site, Scott reveals how she never believed she would win the award and, as such, told her boyfriend to stay at home rather than travel to Paris! Read more on Kara's thoughts here.

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The Countdown to The Million is on!

On Feb. 3 at 13:30 ET, PartyPoker is hosting a special no limit Hold'em tournament that boasts a massive prize pool of $1,000,000! The buy-in for The Million stands at $600+$40 but you could be competing for a sice of the mammoth prize pool for free!

Every day there will be country-specific freerolls, qualifiers that cost just 10 PartyPoints and satellites that cost just $1 to enter! For a full list of qualification options please check out the dedicated information page of The Million.

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PartyPoker Weekly: Conquer the World and win up to 0,000! 103

PartyPoker's $10,000 Giveaway Promotion Ends Soon

You only have a couple of days in which to take advantage of the $10,000 Daily Giveaway promotion on PartyPoker. This fantastic promotion has to come to an end as soon as January does, so do not delay, get involved today!

Every day, until the end of January, there will be no fewer than five $1,000 freerolls taking place and a huge $5,000 freeroll, too. All PartyPoker players who have made at least one real-money deposit into their accounts are eligible to participate, so make yours today!

$1,000 Daily Giveaway11:00ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway12:00ET
$5,000 Daily Giveaway13:45ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway15:00ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway17:00ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway19:45ET

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PartyPoker Weekly: Conquer the World and win up to 0,000! 104

PartyPoker is Giving New Players a Free $50!

PartyPoker is so sure you will love their state-of-the-art software that they are prepared to offer new customers a free starter bankroll of $50! Everyone loves free money, so all you have to do to get your hands on some free cash is follow the simple steps below, and $50 is yours to keep.

  • Download the PartyPoker software through PokerNews
  • Create a new PartyPoker account and enter the bonus code "PN50FREE"
  • Fill out the registration form in the PartyPoker cashier
  • Return to PokerNews and fill out our brief registration form
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from

Once you have received the confirmation email, $20 will be placed in your PartyPoker account. You must earn at least 40 PartyPoints before you will be able to withdraw the free $20. If you do not earn 40 PartyPoints within 60 days, the initial $20, or whatever remains of it, will be forfeited. PartyPoints are earned at a rate of two PartyPoints per $1 in rake or tournament fees, so earning 40 within 60 days is easy.

Once you have earned 40 PartyPoints, a further $30 will be deposited into your account bringing the total free cash to $50. You must then generate 160 points before you can cash out any of the $30 and must do so within 120 days otherwise the $30, or the remainder of it will be forfeited.

How much do you think you can turn your free $50 into?

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