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PartyPoker Weekly: Players React to Mike Sexton's Call for a Dress Code, and More

PartyPoker Weekly

Welcome to the latest edition of the PartyPoker Weekly, your one-stop shop for all matters that are PartyPoker related. This week, we bring you details of a 50-Seat Frenzy tournament that could see you playing in the $300,000 Guaranteed Sunday tournament for free, poker pros opinions on Mike Sexton's suggestions for a poker dress code, and more.

Win 1 of 50 Seats to the Weekly $300K Guaranteed Tournament

PartyPoker Weekly: Players React to Mike Sexton's Call for a Dress Code, and More 101

PartyPoker's flagship tournament is a $215 buy-in event that boasts a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. For some players, $215 is too much to invest in a single tournament, but thanks to the 50-Seat Frenzy, you could be participating for free in the $300,000!

Every Saturday at 13:35 ET, a special 50-Seat Frenzy tournament awards the top 50 finishers seats in the $300,000 guaranteed. Players can buy into the 50-Seat Frenzy directly for $15 or try to qualify in one of the daily country-specific freerolls where the top 10 players win seats.

There are also daily $1 and $2 50-Seat Frenzy qualifiers running on PartyPoker.

The $300,000 Guaranteed Sunday kicks off at 18:30 ET every Sunday and pays the eventual winner around $40,000. Can you imagine winning $40,000 from a freeroll entry? How amazing would that be? Download PartyPoker today and get involved in the 50-Seat Frenzy.

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Pros React to Mike Sexton's Comments on Having a Dress Code for Poker

Poker legend and PartyPoker-sponsored pro Mike Sexton is not afraid to speak his mind, and why should he be? Sexton has vast experience in poker and has quite literally seen it all. In the past few months, Sexton has asked for a basketball-type shot clock to be introduced to the game, has made some bold predictions for 2013 and even stated that there should be a dress code for poker players.

At the World Poker Tour Prague Main Event, the PartyPoker video crew questioned a few of the competing professional players about what they thought of Sexton's dress-code comments.

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PartyPoker Weekly: Players React to Mike Sexton's Call for a Dress Code, and More 102

Boost Your Bankroll in The $10,000 Daily Giveaway

Throughout January, PartyPoker is giving away $10,000 each and everyday through The $10,000 Daily Giveaway freerolls. Each day, there will be five $1,000 freerolls taking place, plus a massive $5,000 freeroll, too. All PartyPoker players who have made at least one real-money deposit into their accounts are eligible to participate, so make your first deposit today!

$1,000 Daily Giveaway11:00 ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway12:00 ET
$5,000 Daily Giveaway13:45 ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway15:00 ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway17:00 ET
$1,000 Daily Giveaway19:45 ET

As you can see, the freerolls are spread throughout the day, so you should be able to fit at least one into your schedule. Don't miss out on your share of $310,000 in freerolls on PartyPoker this January.

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PartyPoker Weekly: Players React to Mike Sexton's Call for a Dress Code, and More 103

Roll with the Punches and Win Heavyweight Prizes in the Contenders Promotion

The Contenders promotion that started on Jan. 1 has proven extremely popular, so far. Each month the promotion runs, someone walks away with the lion's share of $12,000 and bragging rights over his or her peers.

This exciting promotion revolves around six freerolls, which have prize pools ranging from $2,000 to an impressive $12,000. Gaining access to the freerolls is a simple task: Earn the required number of points (as shown in the table below) and a seat to the following month's freeroll tournament will be awarded.

Weight ClassPoints RequirementPrize Pool

As you can see, by earning just one PartyPoint during the month, you will gain access to a $2,000 freeroll. Get your grind on and generate 1,000 PartyPoints at the poker tables, and you will be able to step into the ring of a $12,000 freeroll! In addition to the freeroll entries, PartyPoints earned for this promotion also count towards a player's VIP status and can be used to purchase gifts and bonuses in the PartyPoker shop.

PartyPoints are awarded at a rate of two per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees.

Each of the freerolls will take place on the second Saturday of the month, with the first set of freerolls running in February. Good luck!

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PartyPoker Weekly: Players React to Mike Sexton's Call for a Dress Code, and More 104

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PokerNews customers can help themselves to a free $50 from PartyPoker. The free $50 promotion is only available to new customers who do not already have a PartyPoker account. If that description fits you, check out the five steps below that you need to complete to claim your free $50 bankroll.

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Once you have received the confirmation email, $20 will be placed in your PartyPoker account. You must earn at least 40 PartyPoints before you will be able to withdraw the free $20. If you do not earn 40 PartyPoints within 60 days, the initial $20, or whatever remains of it, will be forfeited. PartyPoints are earned at a rate of two PartyPoints per $1 in rake or tournament fees, so earning 40 points within 60 days is easy.

Once you have earned 40 PartyPoints, $30 will be deposited into your account, bringing the total free cash to $50. You must then generate 160 points before you can cash out any part of the $30 and must do so within 120 days otherwise the $30, or the remainder of it will be forfeited.

How much money can you turn your free $50 into?

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