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Test Your Skills and Win Big in the 3x $5,000 Gala Poker Freeroll Series

Gala Poker Freeroll Series

PokerNews is proud to welcome Gala Poker as its latest partner, and to celebrate, PokerNews customers are invited to the inaugural 3x $5,000 Gala Poker Freeroll Series.

The 3x $5,000 Gala Poker Freeroll Series features a total of nine PokerNews-exclusive freerolls over the course of three months; each month seeing three freerolls take place at the excellent Gala Poker site.

What makes this freeroll series different from others you may have seen is that each month all three freerolls run at the same time and each have a different sized prize pools! For example, the first $5,000 Gala Poker Freeroll Series tournaments take place at 19:00GMT on Aug. 8 and sees a $500 prize pool, a $1,500 prize pool and a $3,000 prize pool to compete for, all running at the same time! Add those prize pools together and you will see that they add up to $5,000 of value each month – that is $15,000 by the time this fantastic promotion ends.

Qualifying for each freeroll is simple — all you need to do is earn enough Gala Points and entry is yours.

  • $500 freeroll – Deposit and generate a minimum of 200 Gala Points during the qualification period.
  • $1,500 freeroll – Deposit and generate a minimum of 500 Gala Points during the qualification period.
  • $3,000 freeroll – Deposit and generate a minimum of 1,000 Gala Points during the qualification period.

As a PokerNews player you can compete in all three freerolls as long as you meet the entry requirements for each. Generate 200 points and you will be awarded a seat in the next $500 freeroll, but generate an additional 500 Gala Points – 700 Gala Points in total – and you will gain entry to both the $500 and the $1,500 freerolls that month! Keep grinding and earn a total of 1,700 Gala Points and you will find yourself armed with seats in all three freerolls, that is $5,000 to play for!

Gala Points are awarded at a rate of 20 per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees so generating 1,700 worth over the course of a month should be relatively easy, especially if you play Gala Poker’s “fast-fold” poker variant, Speed Poker.

The qualification periods for each of the freerolls series’ is shown below:

  • Freeroll Series #1: July 1, 00:01GMT – August 1, 23:59GMT
  • Freeroll Series #2: August 2, 00:01GMT – September 1, 23:59
  • Freeroll Series #3: September 2, 00:01GMT – October 1, 23:59

Each of the three freeroll series’ will take place at 19:00 GMT on August 8, September 8 and October 8 so make sure you keep a free schedule for those days because you will hopefully be grinding in the three Gala Poker Freeroll Series events and winning some big prizes.

As if being able to compete for a grand total of $15,000 over three months wasn’t enough to have you scrambling to create a Gala Poker account via PokerNews, new customers can also help themselves to one of the largest online poker sign-up bonuses in the industry. Download Gala Poker via PokerNews and you will be eligible for a massive 200% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of $2,000!

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