Winamax Poker Open Trophy Stays in Ireland Following Tom Kitt’s Win

Tom Kitt: 2014 Winamax Poker Open winner

Ireland was awash with French poker players over the weekend weekend as the Winamax Poker Open rolled into Dublin for the latest instalment of its €550 buy-in Main Event.

A grand total of 994 players bought into the event during the two starting flights, and they were all outlasted by Ireland’s Tom Kitt who defeated Alexis Coming heads-up to scoop the €75,000 first place prize.

2014 Winamax Poker Open Final Table Results

1Tom KittIreland€75,000
2Alexis ComingFrance€51,000
3Pierre TassinFrance€37,000
4Adrien DelmasFrance€28,569
5Jonathan RozemaNetherlands€22,500
6Sebastian LeclercqFrance€17,000

The six-handed final table got underway on Sunday night with Kitt being Ireland’s only representative, bringing up the rear sixth in chips. A poker pro by trade, but also a keen musician, Kitt didn’t put a foot wrong as he danced his way past a quartet of French players and one Dutchman on his way to a superb victory.

While Kitt was going quietly about his business, rank amateur Alexis Coming was busy making a name for himself. Coming eliminated fellow Frenchman Sebastian Leclercq in a battle of the blinds before making a loose call of an all-in bet with AK versus A9 of Jonathan Rozema on a 573 flop, only to hold to crippled his Dutch opponent. Rozema busted on the very next hand.

Kitt gave his stack and his guaranteed prize money a boost when Adrien Delmas moved all-in from the small blind with A4 and he looked him up with the dominating A7. Kitt made a flush by the river of the KJQ63 board to leave the tournament with only three players in the hunt for the €75,000 first place prize.

Those three became two when Kitt’s A7 held against the K10 of Pierre Tassin, with the chips going in preflop.

The well-supported Irishman went into heads-up trailing Coming by 6.2 million to 14 million chips and lost some early ground before finding a double-up to claw his way back into contention. Kitt check-raised all-in with 87 on a 876 flop and received another loose call from Coming who held AJ. Kitt filled up on the turn to bridge the gap between him and his sole opponent.

As the clocks turned to 4:00 a.m. the contest came to a conclusion, and again it was a check-raise on the flop from Kitt that sealed the deal.

Kitt checked to Coming on a 986 flop, Coming tested the waters with a continuation-bet before calling the all-in check-raise of Kitt. Coming flipped over 108 and Kitt the A6. The A on the turn all but locked up the hand for Kitt as it left Coming drawing razor thin, and when the river came the K Kitt had won all of the chips in play and ensured the Winamax Poker Open trophy would be staying on the soil of its adopted home country.

Lead image and hand history courtesy of the Winamax Poker blog

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