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Winamax Launches Anonymous Cash Games


French online poker room Winamax recently introduced anonymous cash-game tables that hide all the screen names of every player at the table.

As reported by Pokerfuse yesterday, the anonymous tables are aptly called "Incognito Tables" and feature a stylish mask to help you add to the mystery. Players are called "Incognito 1" to "Incognito 10" depending on how many people are seated at a table.

The anonymous games are currently available at all limits on Winamax on almost every computer or device including PC, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone. Those who want to try the new Incognito tables on their iPhones or iPads will have to wait, since these tables have not yet been rolled out to iOS devices.

Winamax believes these games should benefit both players and the ecosystem. It is believed that many players should enjoy these tables if they wish to avoid being bum-hunted, or do not like the idea of being exploited from prior hands existing in an opponent's heads-up display (HUD).

Players will not be able to chat at these tables, which may take away some of the poker experience, especially for the recreational players they are trying to protect. Many recreational players play for fun and often enjoy the banter at the tables.

Poker sharks, at the same time, might not enjoy these games since they will have to rely on observation as they will not be able to utilize their poker tracking software for reads based off previously played hands. Players may also complain that the "art" of table and seat selection are now thrown out the window as well.

Luckily for these players, Winamax is not replacing the regular ring-game tables, but just adding new tables to benefit those that seek an anonymous experience.

Although anonymous tables may change the cash-game landscape at Winamax, they are nothing new to the world of online poker. Partypoker and MPN both offer anonymous at its heads up tables, while iPoker has a similar option to Winamax France where players can choose to play at anonymous tables at a variety of stakes and table types.

Gray-market poker network operator Bodog has taken anonymous to the extreme by only offering anonymous tables on all its cash games, sit-and-gos and multi-table tournaments.

Industry leading sites, PokerStars, 888poker, and Full Tilt have yet to introduce these types of tables.

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