2015 MSPT Running Aces Day 1b: Joe Ford Drives To the Lead

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Joe Ford

Thirty-seven players survived 14 levels of play at the 2015 Mid-States Poker Tour Running Aces, and Joe Ford finished with 296,000 to lead the field. The Wisconsin native hit a hot run in the middle of the day that had another player at his table describing him as "walking on water," and Ford continued to snowball that stack for the rest of the night to record the lead. His total is still well short of the 413,000 bagged by Mark Hodge on Day 1a, so Ford will be in second overall when Day 2 begins.

Day 1a Top 10 Chip Counts

1Joe Ford296,000
2Marinela Selseth275,500
3Kevin Clyde269,000
4Whitney Bell246,500
5Mike Schneider185,000
6Pat Nelson182,500
7Nick Pupillo164,500
8Ervin Bjerga151,500
9Matt Sztamborski149,500
10Jason Spaeth141,500

Others bagging up after the 10-hour day included Marinela Selseth (275,500), Kevin Clyde (269,000), limit hold'em legend Mike "Schneids" Schneider (185,000), Nick Pupillo (164,500), Todd "sharkslayerr" Breyfogle (64,500), Peixin Liu (58,500), Mark Sandness (58,000), Adam Dahlin (51,500), and Kou Vang (23,500).

Sandness has already scored a win here, taking down an MSPT last February for $90,913.

With 193 players buying in, plenty of recognizable names fell by the wayside during the course of play. Former champions Ben Marsh, Jason Sell, Matt Kirby, Ken Pates, David Gonia, and Jason Zarlenga fell short, as did tour regulars Mike Lang, Larry Ormson, Jon Hanner, Adam Friedman, Lance Harris, and Aaron Johnson.

Hanner met a particularly painful end. He raised to 4,000 from the hijack seat and received calls from both blinds. Action checked to him on the K5J flop, and Hanner bet 6,500. Only Tin Do, the small blind, came along. The A turned, and Do checked again. Hanner bet 13,000, and Do raised to 33,000. Hanner pushed all in for about 48,000 total, and Do called, flipping up the AJ. Hanner had the two pair beat with the 55 for bottom set, and he was fading just four outs on the river. Unfortunately for Hanner, the A peeled off, and he slapped the table in frustration before telling Do "nice hand" and exiting.

The survivors of the two Day 1 flights combine at 10:30 a.m. local time in Minnesota on Sunday for Day 2, and they'll play down to a winner who will bank more than $91,000. PokerNews will be back on hand as the champion is crowned.

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