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Asia-Pacific Poker Tour Announces Schedule for Season 9 Macau Stop

APPT Macau

From May 20-31, 2015, the Asia-Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) will host the APPT Macau at the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room at the City of Dreams. The poker festival, which has been moved back a week from previously announced dates, boasts a 12-day schedule that includes 13 official Asia Player of the Year events, culminating with a HK$25,000 (USD $3,200) buy-in Main Event.

"It’s a must-play tournament on the PokerStars Asia circuit. APPT Macau is deep and rich in history and represents the tour’s longest running annual event," said APPT President Danny McDonagh. "We’ve made some exciting changes by adding a HK$50,000 event and now running the HK$100,000 High Roller with two rebuys."

PokerStars, which will begin online satellites to the APPT Macau Main Event on March 16, has already confirmed a number of its Team PokerStars Pros will be in attendance, including Celina Lin, Bryan Huang, Aditya Argawal, Kosei Ichinose and former-APPT Cebu champion Vivian Im. There's also a good chance that Team PokerStars Online Pro Randy Lew, who won the event back in 2011, will make a return appearance.

In 2014, Season 8 of the APPT Macau attracted 494 players and saw China's Jiajun Liu claim victory for HK$2,776,000. That tournament created a hefty HK$11 million (USD $1.4m) prize pool, but overall the poker festival had impressive totals of 2,445 players and an overall prize pool of HK$25,067,744 (USD $3.2 million). Big numbers indeed, but both are expected to be surpassed in Season 9.

Here's a look at the Season 9 APPT Macau schedule:

DateTimeTournament NameBuy-in (HKD)
Wed. May 205:00 PMQualifier to Main Event Satellite$700 (630+70)
Wed. May 207:00 PM1 - $1,500 Deepstack$1,500 (1,300+200)
Thur. May 215:00 PMQualifier to Main Event Satellite$700 (630+70)
Thur. May 217:00 PM2 - $1,500 KO Bounty$1,500 (1,300+200)
Fri. May 225:00 PMQualifier to Main Event Satellite$700 (630+70)
Fri. May 227:00 PM3 - $3,000 NLH$3,000 (2,700+300)
Sat. May 232:00 PMAPPT Macau Warm-up MEGA Satellite (10 Seat Guarantee)$1,000 (900+100)
Sat. May 235:00 PM4 - APPT Macau Warm-up ($1,000,000 Guarantee) [2-day event]$5,000 (4,500+500)
Sat. May 2310:00 PMQualifier to Main Event Satellite$700 (630+70)
Sun. May 242:30 PMQualifier to Main Event Satellite$700 (630+70)
Sun. May 243:00 PM4 - APPT Macau Warm-up – Day 2-
Sun. May 244:00 PMMain Event Satellite$3,500
Sun. May 246:00 PM5 - $15,000 NLH** [3-day event]$15,000 (13,500+1,500)
Mon. May 253:00 PM5$15,000 NLH – Day 2
Mon. May 257:00 PM6 - $5,000 PLO (1 re-entry) [2-day event]$5,000 (4,500+500)
Mon. May 258:00 PMQualifier to Main Event MEGA Satellite$700 (630+70)
Tues. May 263:00 PM5 - $15,000 NLH – Final Table-
Tues. May 264:00 PM6 - $5,000 PLO – Day 2-
Tues. May 265:00 PMQualifier to Main Event MEGA Satellite$700 (630+70)
Tues. May 266:00 PM7 - 50K Freezeout [2-day event]$50,000 (47,000+3,000)
Tues. May 267:00 PMMain Event MEGA Satellite (10 Seat Guarantee)$3,500 (3,150+350)
Wed. May 272:00 PM8 - MAIN EVENT - Day 1A$25,000
Wed. May 273:00 PM7 - 50K Freezeout – Day 2-
Wed. May 277:00 PMMain Event Satellite$3,500 (3,150+350)
Thur. May 2812:00 PMMain Event Turbo Satellite$3,500 (3,150+350)
Thur. May 282:00 PM8 - MAIN EVENT - Day 1B$25,000 (23,000+2,000)
Thur. May 287:00 PM9 - $3,000 NLH Turbo$3,000 (2,700+300)
Fri. May 292:00 PM8 - MAIN EVENT - Day 2-
Fri. May 295:00 PMQualifier to High Roller Satellite$2,000 (1,800+200)
Fri. May 297:00 PM10 - $5,000 KO Bounty [2-day event]$5,000 (4,500+500)
Sat. May 302:00 PM8 - MAIN EVENT - Day 3-
Sat. May 303:00 PMHigh Roller Satellite$14,000 (13,000+1,000)
Sat. May 303:30 PM10 - $5,000 KO Bounty – Day 2-
Sat. May 305:00 PM11 - High Roller (2 Rebuys) [2-day event]$100,000 (95,000+5,000)
Sat. May 306:00 PM12 - 6-Max [2-day event]$9,000 (8,100+900)
Sun. May 312:00 PM8 - MAIN EVENT - Final Table-
Sun. May 312:15 PM12 - 6-Max – Day 2-
Sun. May 312:30 PM11 - High Roller - Day 2-
Sun. May 313:00 PM13 - $2,500 Deepstack NLH$2,500 (2,250+250)
Sun. May 315:00 PMQualifier to APPT Manila Satellite$800 (720+80)
Sun. May 317:00 PMAPPT Manila Satellite$3,600 (3,300+300)

*All tournaments are subject to regulatory approval

All players participating in tournaments at the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams must have their passports with them to register and while participating in all tournaments, as required by law.

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