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Food Coma: Two Players from Hungary Win $600,000 in New Spin & Go Events

PokerStars Spin and Gos
  • Hungary's "LEV729" and "flesske" are first top winners in the new $100 buy-in Spin & Go games on PokerStars.

  • From $5 to $300,000: How "LEV729" and "flesske" changed their bankroll forever in less than 20 minutes.

In less than a week since the launch of the new $100 buy-in Spin & Go tournaments, there's already plenty to celebrate for "LEV729"" and "flesske", two online players from Hungary who took down massive $300,000 jackpots available on PokerStars.

In full Spin & Go tradition, it took the two players only a few minutes of three-handed hyper-turbo action to bring their sit-and-go tournaments to an end and put their hands on the life-changing premium prize on tap.

Things also went well for the other players at the tables, as Ireland's "ian2104", Russia's "AlexRAVXXX", Estonia's "barrakuuda4", and Israel's "wallaks" were all able to turn their $100 buy-ins into a $30,000 prize.

Launched earlier this month by PokerStars to complete the offer of their lottery-style sit-and-go events, the $100 buy-in Spin & Gos are the highest buy-in event of their kind and feature a $300,000 top jackpot that, numbers at hand, players are supposed to hit only once every 100,000 games.

LEV729's and flesske's remarkable win, however, do not come even close the biggest prizes that PokerStars' Spin & Gos have distributed since their official launch in October 2014.

Last January, PokerStars launched a series of promotional $5 buy-in $1 Million Spin & Go events, giving everyone on the platform the opportunity to change their life forever in usually less than 15 minutes of play.

On January 12, Russia's "sss66666" was the first one to profit from the new promotion by winning $1,000,000 after a $5 investment and less than 13 minutes of play.

Only one week later, Czech Republic's "Tornádo111" and Canada's "anushan_2323" managed to achieve the same remarkable result and turned the $5 buy-in fee into cool million of Dollars each.

Hugely successful since their launch, the Spin & Gos are lottery-style, hyper-turbo, three-max sit-and-gos where the players play for a jackpot that is determined by a random generator before the action begins. Although most of the games are played for a jackpot that doubles the tournament's entry fee, prize pools can jump up to 3,600 times the buy-in.

Currently, PokerStars offer Spin & Go tournaments with buy-ins starting from $1 and going all the way up to $100. As shown in the table below, the jackpot move from a minimum of $3,000 in the $1 buy-in games, to $300,000 to the $100 buy-in ones. Here's a full overview of the different Spin & Go tournaments currently available at PokerStars.

$1 Buy-in Spin & Go*

Prize Pool MultiplierFirstFrequency
3,600$3,0001 of 100,000
240$2005 of 100,000
120$10010 of 100,000
25$25100 of 100,000
10$10500 of 100,000
6$67,500 of 100,000
4$418,366 of 100,000

*7% of the buy-in goes to rake

$3, $7 Buy-in Spin & Go'*

Prize Pool Multiplier$3 Buy-in First$7 Buy-in FirstFrequency
3,600$9,000$21,0001 of 100,000
240$600$1,4005 of 100,000
120$300$70010 of 100,000
25$75$175100 of 100,000
10$30$70500 of 100,000
6$18$427,500 of 100,000
4$12$2819,866 of 100,000
2$6$1472,018 of 100,000

*6% of the buy-in goes to rake

$15, $30, $60, $100 Buy-in Spin & Gos*

Prize Pool Multiplier$15 Buy-in First$30 Buy-in First$60 Buy-in First$100 Buy-in FirstFrequency
3,600$45,000$90,000$180,000$300,0001 of 100,000
240$3,000$6,000$12,000$20,0005 of 100,000
120$1,500$3,000$6,000$10,00010 of 100,000
25$375$750$1500$2,500100 of 100,000
10$150$300$600$1,000500 of 100,000
6$90$180$360$6007,500 of 100,000
4$60$120$240$40021,366 of 100,000
2$30$60$120$20070,518 of 100,000

*5% of the buy-in goes to rake

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