Chile's "DECV1979" Wins $102,216 in The Deal Jackpot on Full Tilt

The Deal Jackpot

Late last week, Chile's "DECV1979" became the third winner of The Deal Jackpot on Full Tilt, since the online poker room launched this mini-game on Aug. 13, 2015, as part of its revamped rewards program, the Players Club.

The jackpot built to a near-record high of $204,431.98, of which half the amount or $102,215.99 for hitting a club royal flush. The other half of the jackpot was split between the 6,855 players who played the mini-game within 12 hours of the jackpot being triggered. Each of these players received a bonus of $14.91 paid into their Full Tilt accounts.

While it took nearly two months for the jackpot to build since the second jackpot was hit by Brazil's "Skipshot383" for $45,009 in the beginning of October, it still wasn't as large as the first jackpot hit in the middle of September.

Canadian hockey coach "dbecks23ex" keeps his name in Full Tilt's history books for not only becoming the first player to win The Deal Jackpot, but also maintaining the record largest amount after banking $116,935.59 while playing on the site's mobile app.

When the game was originally launched, players could take part in the game at the cost of one coin or 20 Full Tilt Points (FTPs). Players are then dealt seven cards face-down and asked to discard two cards. Additionally, players could choose an auto-play version of the game where they can choose the number of games they wish to play and watch the computer do all the work dealing five cards.

About a month ago, Full Tilt added a second option to play The Deal by paying ten coins or 200 FTPs - or ten times the amount of the original game - and thus increase the likelihood of winning the top-prizes.

The prizes are awarded as indicated in the table below:

Hand1 Coin Buy-in10 Coin Buy-in
Royal flushA shot at The Deal JackpotA shot at The Deal Jackpot
Straight flush$200A shot at The Deal Jackpot
Four of a kind$20$200
Full house1,000 Full Tilt Points$50
Flush$2 Ring Game Ticket$20
Straight$1 Tournament Ticket$10
Three of a kind$1K The Deal Freeroll ticket500 Full Tilt Points
Two pair1 Coin200 Full Tilt Points
One pair20% Coin progress$1K The Deal Freeroll ticket
Ace high$1K The Deal Freeroll satellite ticketNo Prize
High cardNo prizeNo Prize

The progressive jackpot was reset following the win by "DECV1979", and at the time this article was written was approaching $38,000. There are also three $1K The Deal Freerolls per week where players can enter up to twice per tournament.

Lead image courtesy of the Full Tilt Blog.

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  • Chile's "DECV1979" becomes the third winner of the progressive jackpot on tap at The Deal, winning $102,216.

  • 6,855 Full Tilt players split half of the $204,432 The Deal Jackpot after it was triggered for a third time.

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