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The Big (and Nearly Impossible) PokerStars European Poker Tour Quiz

12-16-2016 35298 responses Top results

The PokerStars European Poker Tour is coming to a close, rebranding in 2017 to PokerStars Festival (smaller events) and PokerStars Championship (bigger events). But before it goes, take the big (and nearly impossible) EPT Quiz to test your knowledge about the history of the biggest poker tour on the planet.

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Question 1

EPT Season 1 winner Brandon Schaefer channeled Johnny Chan’s famed use of an orange at the final table, but Schaefer picked a different fruit. What was that fruit?

Question 2

Who was the very first EPT hostess?

Question 3

For the first seasons, tour creator John Duthie was the commentator. He did so in the role of expert. Who was his partner in the booth?

Question 4

Vicky Coren was the first two-time EPT champion. The following players all have won an EPT and finished runner-up in another. Which of the following players, getting to the heads-up, did not have the option to become the first two-time champion?

Question 5

Season 7, 8 and 9 were the busiest with a massive 13 stops for the season. Three times, the tour had two stops in the same country within a season. Which country never had two stops in the same season?

Question 6

Luca Pagano made a staggering seven final tables, but never won one (third, fourth, sixth, sixth, sixth, seventh, eighth). The following four players were runner-ups in that ranking with all of them in four final tables. One of them, however, never won an event while the other three did win events in their careers.

Question 7

The fourth biggest prizes rewarded in EPT history came from the EPT Grand Final and PCA. Who, from the four players listed, won the smallest first-place prize (not counting chops, going by official payout)?

Question 8

In November of 2000, John Duthie won the Poker Million 2000. Of the 156 players who entered, he won a staggering first-place prize of 1 million. Second place was 100,000, tenth was 2,000. Where was this tournament held?

Question 9

Looking at the growing popularity of the European Poker Tour, a group of people from the European world of poker came together to start what would eventually become the European Poker Tour. Besides John Duthie, who had experience running the TV side of things and had just won the Poker Million? According to Thomas Kremser, who was a tournament director in Austria at the time, and Nic Szeremeta, who ran Poker Europe Magazine and would make sure the tournaments would get coverage, one poker player was involved with the inception of the European Poker Tour. Or, at least, that's what he claims. Who was this poker professional?

Question 10

Players from what country have won the most titles at the European Poker Tour?

Question 11

The following four EPT stops have a similarity. One stands out anyway. Figure out which one doesn't belong.

Question 12

This player was all in on Day 4 (of 5) of the EPT Berlin back in 2010 around 2:30 local time. Holding ace-ten against the ace-queen of Luca Cainelli, the board came king-eight-three-four... and then nothing as tables were overrun by people fleeing the armed robbery that was taking place. When play resumed several hours later, tournament director Thomas Kremser gave the players involved in this hand the option to chop the pot instead of run it out, because of all the chaos. This player, while heavily trailing, chose to run it out anyway because he thought that was the fair thing to do. This player would eventually finish runner-up to Kevin Macphee for €600,000. What was his name?

Question 13

How many EPT Main Events have there been in total (including EPT Prague that's currently going on)?

Question 14

EPT Deauville champion Lucien Cohen had a remarkable card protector. What was it?

Question 15

You probably know who won the first EPT ever (Alexander Stevic, Barcelona €80,000). Who won the second?

Question 16

Who, of the following high-stakes cash game players, has never won an EPT?

Question 17

At EPT Season 1 Vienna, the host venue was attached by one wall to another building. What was that building?

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