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2016 PokerNews Holiday Gift Guide #5 - My Poker Coaching Advanced Video Courses + FREE Bonus

My Poker Coaching
  • Gift the ability and skills to win! No. 5 on our gift guide: My Poker Coaching Advanced Video Courses is a poker coaching site that specializes in teaching cash game strategy and gives invaluable expertise to every poker player.

Can you think of a better gift than the opportunity to become a winning poker player and the ability to constantly make money in your games? It would be hard to find a better alternative.

I was really making a lot of fundamental mistakes before learning this.

This deal, and especially the advanced video courses, is one of the best buys for yourself or for anyone you care to see succeed!

This poker coaching site has already delivered proven results. The hundreds of success stories easily make it one of the top resources available for cash game players. The advanced video courses are extremely valuable, easy to follow and very efficient.

To take it even further, you can take advantage of an exceptional deal we have. Right now, you can receive an unbelievable price for all of the courses,with an additional 22 percent off, just by entering the bonus code “pokernews” on checkout.

Beware though, there is a limited number of 100 discount codes available at this unbelievable price. So do not hesitate and grab this opportunity to take your game to the next level!

Here is the list of courses that are available for this promotion:

In order to play as good as you can, you should first master your preflop play. This is where the “Preflop Master – Unexploitable Strategy” course comes into play. This is a complete course of how you should play in every possible situation preflop. It covers everything you want and need to know:

  • What hands you need to open from different positions and how to change that against different players.
  • How to defend facing three-bets or four-bets and what hands you should be calling and how to adapt the strategy against weaker players.
  • You will find an unbelievably detailed three-bet strategy. First, you will learn how to build balanced ranges that you could use against regulars or unknown players. After that, you will understand how to categorize players into different groups and learn how to exploit every group for the mistakes that they make and thus maximize your win rate.
  • The last section of this course is about blind defense ranges. This part is very helpful and will show you that you can’t play the same ranges versus three-time opens or min-raises, which is a mistake that many players make. The section covers how to adapt to facing different raise sizing and what hands to defend against every single position when facing three-times, 2.5-times or even a min-raise.

This course will answer all of your questions, and when you build an effective preflop strategy, you will have a much easier life postflop as well. So when you are done with studying preflop, make sure to check out the available postflop poker strategy courses as well! All of these courses have great reviews and testimonials. Just to name a few:

  • “I had different charts and strategies before, but nothing comes close! This is a perfect guide that lets you understand strategy and implement it in your game, take it while you can!” – ontiltnotMe
  • “If you have any questions how you should play preflop, this will answer it! It was much better than I expected and I highly recommend it!” - agrocar
  • “This is perfect! Before this course, I was guessing all the time if I should bet or not and getting this straightened out is invaluable. Furthermore, after fixing this, my win rate improved at once! What else I can ask for.” – call4money7
  • “I was really making a lot of fundamental mistakes before learning this. I really think that understanding the strategy in three-bet pots is essential to be a winner and it really helped me to become one!” – forSTARS

As promised, there is an additional bonus for you! You can get the new poker book, “Play 'A' Game and Be the Boss at Your Poker Table” by Tadas Peckaitis, for free! Visit MyPokerCoaching to claim a FREE copy of your poker book!

Tadas Peckaitis is a professional poker player and blogger. He has also been a coach for many years. Here are his comments about his poker book:

“Right from the beginning of my poker career, I understood the importance of correct strategy, the ability to keep up my concentration and to play my best game. The first part was easy: I had many poker coaches along the way and was lucky enough to learn from the best poker players around. That is why I was able to build good fundamentals and stay ahead of my competition over the years.

Even achieving good results didn’t made me happy. I did not treat poker right and I knew I had to do something about it. So I did.

However, the second part was much tougher. Do not get me wrong, I was comfortable with my game and won money all the time, but something was off. I was able to play at my best one day, just to spew away half of my winnings on the next day and I was growing frustrated. I had big motivation swings, which affected my ability to grind. Even achieving good results didn’t made me happy. I did not treat poker right and I knew I had to do something about it.

So I did. I studied mental game and self management and developed habits that eliminated all the frustration and anxiety from my game. My book is based on my personal experience with poker and teaches the strategy I use for dealing with all of these issues.

Understanding poker strategy is just one part of being a winning poker player and it is not enough to be overall successful. In this book, I cover the most important steps on how you can reach the state where you will be able to play your “A” game as often as possible. I do touch a bit on poker strategy as well, but the book is all about self management and maintaining your poker mindset.

I will provide you with simple steps and it is up to you to follow them and allow yourself to be the best you can be!”

Get my poker book for free here!

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