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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Over the Emails

Tweet Tweet: Over the Emails
  • Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails.

  • Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Poker players hang with celebrities, @Patrik_Antonius gets on social and TMI.

If you’re like me, you’re over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that have somehow managed to last the entire week, unlike the rest of us who were so ready for the weekend and a blip in the email train.

So, in our attempt to get over the emails, here’s the best in social media this week from the poker community. Enjoy.

You aren’t anyone until you’ve met Mike Tyson. BOOM.

Aww family loyalty. Touching. And spot the resemblance.

The GPL was going…and so were the young minds of other poker stars.

Don’t ever say poker doesn’t give back.

Vegas or Paris? Can you spot a difference? ;)

Special appearance from Paris Hilton.

The Patrik Antonius Social Emergence

Post-Thanksgiving training taken waayyyyy too hard. Just kidding, we envy you, Patrik Antonius.

The family man. Kudos to the child who chose a book?

And snakes to launch your Facebook page. #solid

Facing the Facts

Reality sinks in…for those who can’t tell, this is a real true statement (and he’s engaged).

TMI. No, really. I didn’t want to know. [Try to read this without cringing]

SHOW OFF. And, honestly, calling out the opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo to wear close to nothing. Is this an underwear commercial or Raise It campaign?


Weddings and things.

Also doubling as an Abercrombie model. We can smell the store all the way from here.

Got to get in the right mindset even when looking in the mirror. $$$

Hardcore Gaming

Let’s make memes great again.

Old school gold shoes.

Game face on.

Taking warmups way too seriously.

Kitty for sale, $5.

Momma is saying it’s time for another win.

Lead images courtesy of Patrik Antonius, Danielle Andersen and Mark Radoja.

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