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Patrik Antonious Gives WSOP Advice


Mizrachi, Antonius and Kawauti Eliminated

Bruno Kawauti apparently played just a few hands before he was eliminated and Michael Mizrachi followed not long ago.

Escote Sends Antonius to the Rail

On the three-way flop of , the action checked to Michael Matsioukkou and he bet 25,000. Patrik Antonius on the button and Sergi Escote in the big blind called and the fell on the turn.

Big Pot for Escote Sanchez de Leon

On the turn, Patrik Antonius check-called a bet worth 15,000 by Sergi Escote Sanchez de Leon and checked again the river. Escote Sanchez de Leon now bet for 16,000 and Antonius, glancing up from a massage, check-raised big to 95,000.

Antonius and Mizrachi Enter

At the start of the new level, both Patrik Antonius and Michael Mizrachi showed up a few minutes apart from each other and took their seats on different tables.

Fifth Table Opens

888poker ambassador Nicolau Villa-Lobos, Guillem Cusco Bach and Aleksei Istomin sat down over on table 19 and were waiting for players from the other tables to arrive in order to balance the field.

Flush Under Flush Sets Back Antonius

On the finished board of , Patrik Antonius bet 14,000 out of the big blind and Julian Thomas moved all in. "How much is it?" Antonius asked and soon after splashed in his entire chips.

888Live Festival Barcelona Set to Attract The Stars

Barcelona is the next city to host an 888Live Festival May 11-22.

Antonius Takes From Boika

Monaco resident Patrik Antonius sat down and instantly took some chips from EPT13 Malta winner Aliaksei Boika. It was Boika who bet 1,800 on a flop and Antonius check-called.

'ElkY' Among Top Stacks After Day 3 of PSC Monte Carlo

Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius and Nick Petrangelo fall after Day 3.

Antonius Sent to the Rail

Jerome L'Hostis has been boosting his stack significantly and Patrik Antonius took the other way, while Jeff Hakim also took a hit to drop just above the average.

Petrangelo Leads After PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Main Day 2

The top 143 players were guaranteed a min-cash of €7,580; 134 hopefuls left.

Graziano Loses Flip to Bubble the Main Event

Over on the feature table, Salvatore Candido Graziano moved all in for his last 28,100 from the small blind after an open to 6,000 by Patrik Antonius and Davidi Kitai called in the big blind, Antonius folded.

Just One Level for Lew

Randy Lew was one of the 11 players that registered at the start of Day 2, which gave him 30 big blinds to work with. The Team PokerStars Pro was able to enjoy those chips for just one level before they were all gone.

Speranza Leads After Day 1b PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo

A tightly bunched group of players, 222 of 481 runners, made it through the day.

Antonius Takes Another Pot

Patrik Antonius bet 7,000 on a board of , and a player in the small blind called him. Both checked the river, and the small blind revealed . Antonius could beat that: .

Antonius Keeps Building

Artan Dedusha opened to 1,500 and Patrik Antonius called in position. The flop was , Dedusha bet 1,800 and Antonius called.

More for Antonius

We didn't see how it went down, but Patrik Antonius had in front of him in a battle of the blinds on a board of .

Antonius Holds for Piles

Patrik Antonius is pushing for the chip lead after winning a huge pot. We picked up action after what appeared to be an early open and two calls, followed by a big blind three-bet to 3,600. Everyone called, and it went four ways to .

Antonius Enters, Doubles

Monaco resident Patrik Antonius may not have been active much at the poker tables in recent times, it doesn't mean the Finnish superstar rode off into the sunset to leave it all behind.