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888poker Study Claims UK is the Luckiest Country

  • Luck, or chance, plays a major role in the short-term success of a poker player.

The definition of luck, or chance, differs depending on many factors including the religious and emotional context of the one interpreting it. Finding a four-leaf clover is often considered lucky for the person who finds it, while the number 13 and black cats have long been associated with bad luck.

Luck, or chance, plays a major role in the short-term success of a poker player. While more skillful players win more money than their lesser skilled counterparts over a massive sample size, the skill factor can often be all but cancelled out by luck in a small sample size.

888poker knows a thing or two about luck with it running the second-largest online poker site in the world so it makes sense for them to create a study that considers how Lady Luck shines down on various countries around the world.

Six metrics were used to measure how lucky a country was. These were:

  • Number of Summer Olympic Gold medals
  • Total number of Winter & Summer Olympic Gold medals
  • Number of sporting achievements
  • Average amount of rainfall (mm depth per year)
  • Number of reality TV show winners
  • Largest lottery win amount

The study found that the United Kingdom is the luckiest "country" in the world followed by the United States of America, Italy, France and Japan, with Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil being on the wrong side of the lucky league.

RankCountrySummer MedalsTotal MedalsSporting EventsRainfall (mm)TV ShowsLottery Win
1UK26387373122074$260 million
2USA102228029271534$1.5864 billion
3Italy206691883238$248 million
4France2128241686758$31 million
5Japan142484316681$1.14 billion
7Germany1918241970025$67 million
8India9282108365$3.456 million
10Russia1485551446020$4.77 million
12South Africa2586049523$7.3 million
17China22759726459$3.9 million
18Brazil3012811176118$72.58 million
21Phillipines0100234820$16.7 million

Head to 888poker’s infographic to see the formula used to calculate the lucky countries rankings

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