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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Dancing, Rollerblading, and Sand Castles

Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Dancing, Rollerblading, and Sand Castles 0001
  • Dance and rollerblade, post to social.

It's the last full week before the biggest tournament of the year, the 2017 World Series of Poker, kicks off. That means everyone got in a few last things like getting engaged, dancing in parking lots, and even making an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Shark Cage or Shark Tank? Is there really a really a difference?

This looks very unsanitary, but hey, we all have pets. We get it.

When you and your pooch match.

We get it; you go everywhere and know everyone.

Dance like no one’s watching. Or like you know it’s going up on the Gram.

So many pretty people for just one photo.

Congrats, you two!

Are man buns still a thing? The horse wants to know.

The thing about posting your boarding pass, we know which seat you bought.

Just two friends hanging out.

Building homes out of sandbags? That’s really cool, Lynn.

I rollerblade. I definitely don’t look this cool. Blade goals.

Summer goals: Have at least the same brick once it’s all over. Hopefully more.

When in Rome, errr Russia. Drink!

Hellmuth tweeted that he wanted to break 95. I’ll take the over.

All players listen up!

A little Silver is on the way.

Confirmed. Not preggers.

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