Nick Schulman Wins $50K Super High Roller at SHRPO

Nick Schulman

He might be more well-known for his sharp commentary nowadays than his sharp play at the tables, but Nick Schulman showed everyone he's still got poker chops as he took down the $50,000 Super High Roller at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in South Florida.

Schulman topped a field of 19 entries — there was a slight overlay with a $1 million guarantee — for $440,000, his sixth career cash of at least $400,000 and one that pushed him past $9 million in total live cashes.

Official Final Table Results

1Nick Schulman$440,000
2Jake Schindler$260,000
3Rainer Kempe$180,000
4Ivan Luca$120,000
5Bryn KenneyDid not cash
6David PetersDid not cash
7Chance KornuthDid not cash
8Tom MarcheseDid not cash

As usual with a $50K event, the tournament attracted a star-studded field. Recognizable grinders like Isaac Haxton, Dan Colman, Josh Arieh and Jason Koon were among those trying their luck with at least one entry but falling before the final table was reached, according to the live updates.

Schulman dominated in the early levels, including scoring an elimination of Koon when they got in a big flip and the former's queens hit a set against the latter's ace-king. He also busted Haxton in sick fashion when he called a shove of less than 10 big blinds holding A5 and needed to suck out against KK. Haxton appeared to secure a double as K75 flopped, but running aces gave Schulman the win.

All that good fortune gave Schulman the chip lead at the official final table, but there would still be four eliminations to go before the money. The first of those turned out to be Tom Marchese, who check-raised all in with QJ on a flop of 988 and couldn't improve against the K9 shown down by Jake Schindler.

Chance Kornuth busted in seventh after bluffing off a big chunk to Bryn Kenney, and David Peters followed in sixth to end the first day of the tournament and leave the final five bagging on the bubble.

Kenney took a brutal beat early on Day 2, as he opened and then checked back a K93 flop when Schindler defended his big blind. Kenney called a bet of 35,000, more than half the pot, on the 4 turn. On the J river, Schindler overbet shoved for 247,000 and Kenney called with KJ. The river had been a worst-case card for him though, as Schindler had Q10 for the nuts.

Unable to recover, Kenney bubbled in short order.

Schulman still led and he padded that advantage when he won on the other side of the ace-king versus queens flip, this time hitting a king on the river against Ivan Luca to bust him in fourth.

Schindler dispatched Rainer Kempe in a couple of hands, getting paid off in a big pot with top pair for most of the German's money. He moved into heads-up play with Schulman at about a 2-1 deficit.

Schulman extended his lead early, but Schindler found two doubles, both with big pocket pairs against ace-high, to get back in the game. Another double with ace-queen against pocket fives got him back to about where he started, but a fourth all-in pot would do the trick for Schulman.

Schulman limped his button and then shoved all in for about 25 big blinds when Schindler made a big raise, and Schindler decided to run it with K10. Schulman had A5 and hit an ace that he didn't need on the river after the board bricked out, securing the tournament.

Photo courtesy of SHRPO

  • Nick Schulman proved he isn't just a commentary expert, as he won the $50K at SHRPO for $440,000.

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