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PokerNews Podcast 461: Poker Masters Storylines and Predictions

  • Poker Masters Episode: @RealKidPoker, @Bhanks11, @MariaHo and @vcrosspoker share their predictions.

The Poker Masters is underway, and this episode of the PokerNews Podcast is packed with interviews and predictions on who's going to take home the purple jacket. Brent Hanks from Poker Central (2:50) says the idea for the purple jacket started as kind of a joke and turned into the tournament series we have now. What does Hanks think about Daniel Negreanu's side bets (10:00) and what is coming up on PokerGO (13:25). Finally, who does Brent think is going to win? (14:29)

What does Negreanu think about his own side bets? (20:46) After 20 years, Negreanu likes his reads against Mr. White Magic, Phil Hellmuth (23:10). He goes into a little more detail about his relationship with Hellmuth (27:27). How will he approach his first entry? (30:45). What's coming up after the Poker Masters for Negreanu? (33:40)

Maria Ho stops by (36:50). How does she approach bust out interviews and what is it like to be a player and a host? (39:37) Who does she think is going to win the Poker Masters Purple Jacket? (40:40) What can we expect from her in the future? (46:00) But seriously, who is going to win?! (47:58)

PokerNews Associate Editor Valerie Cross joins the podcast for the first time (49:22). Val believes in White Magic?! (59:55). Thanks for listening to PokerNews Podcast Episode 461. For more information on the Poker Masters, check out this article from 'Amarillo' Kim Yuhl.

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