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Get in the Spirit with Global Poker's '25 Days of Christmas' Promotion

Get in the Spirit with Global Poker's '25 Days of Christmas' Promotion 0001
  • Find out how to get your hands on SC$30,000 in extra value this holiday season at Global Poker.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Global Poker is getting into the Christmas Spirit with their newest promotion — the Global Poker 25 Days of Christmas. Starting Dec. 1, Global Poker will be rewarding players with a new, unique bonus every single day until jolly old Saint Nicholas comes barreling down the chimney on Dec. 25.

What to Expect

Akin to an Advent Calendar with a special prize each day leading up to Christmas, a daily bonus will be announced on the Global Poker Facebook page for each of the first 25 days of December.

While the mystery of the promotion will be kept alive with the daily announcements, players can expect an additional SC$30,000 in prizes, freerolls, bonus tournaments and giveaways whether they play in mostly $weeps cash or Gold Coins games. In addition, there will be “money can’t buy” items available exclusively for players who take part in the 25 Days of Christmas promotion.

Players can also expect opportunities to score bonus $weeps cash by submitting photos of themselves showing off their Christmas spirit and representing Global Poker at the same time, following the success of the “Hometown Heroes” promotion during the recent Eagle Cup Championship.

Get in the Spirit with Global Poker's '25 Days of Christmas' Promotion 101

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Sign Up Today

It seems that the extra value at the fastest growing poker site for U.S. players just keeps coming. You can spice up your Christmas season by getting an account today. Then you are ready to deposit using PayPal so you can hit the tables for some exciting cash games and tournaments at Global Poker.

Be sure to follow the Global Poker Facebook page for the latest on the Global Poker 25 Days of Christmas promotion to get your hands on some extra value and cheer this Christmas season.

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