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PokerNews Podcast 473: Kristy Arnett on Risk, Emotional Intelligence

  • Sarah and Brent catch up with Kristy Arnett and discuss the 2018 WSOP schedule.

This week on the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Brent Harrington catch up with Kristy Arnett. The former PokerNews hostess turned risk and relationship coach talks about what she's doing now and how scary it can be to start something new. The crew also discusses Ari Engel winning HPT St. Louis, and the WSOP releasing the 2018 WSOP schedule. That and more on episode 473 of the PokerNews Podcast.

This week's episode is sponsored by DXRacer Gaming Chairs and D&B Poker Books.

Show Time Stamps

0:18 - Intro

0:53 - Previewing this week's guest: Kristy Arnett. See more about what Kristy is up to at

3:34 - Learn more about DXRacer Gaming Chairs.

4:19 - WSOP Schedule announced.

7:40 - Will the schedule appeal to all players?

10:00 - More than just the Main Event. Several events start after the Main Event, will that keep more players at the WSOP during the the later days of the Main?

11:35 - What to read at D&B Poker Books?

12:32 - Updates from the poker world: Timothy Adams wins another High Roller.

15:50 - Ari Engel wins HPT St. Louis.

17:35 - A.G. Burnett resigns from Nevada Gaming Control Board

20:18 - Interview with Kristy Arnett

21:22 - What to do when your dream job isn't your dream job anymore?

26:00 - How does Kristy approach playing poker and being a risk and relationship coach/podcast host/author?

31:50 - Some of Kristy's recent guests. Tips on emotional eating and being healthy.

35:35 - How do these things help your poker game?

37:40 - What is investment in loss?

40:50 - Losing as a lesson.

46:05 - Wake-up moments.

48:50 - Taking responsibility for your financial well being.

53:00 - F*ck Beyonce.

55:15 - Kristy's plans for 2018. Her book is coming out, what else? Follow Kristy on twitter. or check out for more info.

58:38 - Outro: Upcoming episodes and holiday schedule.

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