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The Muck: Brawl Breaks Out in Talking Stick Poker Room

Talking Stick Poker Room

The UFC 235 wasn’t the only fights this weekend. Down at Arizona’s Talking Stick Casino, a brawl broke out in the poker room.

On Sunday, poker pro and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Justin Pechie tweeted two videos capturing the melee. In the first, a man is loudly making a scene saying “I played my money just like y’all” while suggesting he was being kicked out. Someone off camera calls for security, and toward the end of the video it does appear the man, a rack of chips in hand, is being escorted out by security.

That is when things get interesting as another unknown player rushes the man and puts him in a headlock.

In the second video, the man’s rack of chips go flying as the brawl goes to the ground. Eventually, security as well as what appears to be onlookers and other poker room staff are able to separate the two men.

Pechie elaborated as best he could in the thread: “I missed the first 2 minutes of his rant, same stuff walking around yelling F all the dealers in here so he wasn’t leaving peacefully but didn’t deserve to be assaulted.”

According to social media chatter, the man was apparently playing at a $4/$8 limit hold’em game and became incensed with the dealers after missing a blind. Not much else is known about the situation or what inspired it, but it didn’t stop poker fans from weighing in.

“Been playing here for years,” tweeted @slip_is_dead.” “Seen belligerence but never like this. 160 dollars of white chips just hit the floor from a 3/6 limit game. ***Talking Stick has the best Poker room in AZ.”

Mario Arias Jr. (@Marxmon186) added his two cents: “Ok. Add this to the list of places NEVER to play. What a joke. You manage it so poorly that a player feels the need to take matters into his own hands? So much awful behavior and judgement all around.”

Rob Wine (@therealrobwine) offered some info: “Salt River Police are the next building down from casino. Talking Stick security doesn't do shit cuz they don't need to...cops will be there in 30 seconds.”

It was a serious situation, but some were able to find humor in it.

“This is why a lot of casinos quit spreading razz,” tweeted Jim Geary (@walterzuey).

  • The Muck: On Sunday night, chips went flying when a brawl broke out inside the @TS_Resort poker room.

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