Garrett Adelstein Opens Up About Depression on Ingram's Poker Life Podcast

Garrett Adelstein Opens Up About Depression and More on the Poker Life Podcast by Joey Ingram

Recently, Joey Ingram has announced he'll be back to producing regular editions of his popular Poker Life Podcast, to the satisfaction of many of his fans. In his triumphant return last week, Ingram talked to Andrew Neeme and Steffen Sontheimer, but it was his interview with Live at the Bike high-stakes regular Garrett Adelstein that garnered loads of attention for the topics touched on.

In over three hours, the two talked about a wide range of subjects. The first part about mental health seemed the most valuable for viewers and listeners.

Earlier in the week, Ingram retweeted a December 2018 post by Adelstein, who shared about his long fight with depression:

After making the podcast, Ingram thanked Adelstein for opening up the way he did and tells his followers that the first 45 minutes could change lives:

Ingram posted a useful clip from the discussion, where Adelstein talks about doing something to get the ball rolling on recovery, plus a helpful concept he calls "containers."

If you want to get to hear more of Adelstein's insights, sit back and relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the full interview. Pro tip: Listen on 1.5x. It's still understandable and you'll get through it faster. If you're a real pro, go 2x.

Here are the timestamps for reference, made by user "Andreas Froehli Poker" on YouTube:

00:00Introduction by Joey
06:08Garrett on depression
08:00Changes from 2018 to 2019 for Garrett
10:57Emotional resilience
12:54Garrett describes his therapy
14:55What perfectionism might lead to
16:55How Garrett talks with himself after something happens
19:00Fire breaker vs. small steps
21:15Choices we make are like containers
23:55Joey brings up mindfulness
25:55Garrett talking about the benefits of unproductive tasks
31:15Garretts supportive girlfriend
36:15Joey asks Garrett on his journey the last year (non-poker)
38:50How to forgive yourself better
45:10Joey on the value Garrett is providing to his audience
47:50Garrett on helping other pros getting better
55:30First Live at the Bike session
57:45How to create an action game
1:00:30LATB taking off due to being free for viewers
1:06:00Garrett on organizing live high stakes games
1:10:20Garrett talking about playing vs Art and studying GTO
1:17:00How high-stakes can vary in profitability a lot
1:21:50What you shouldn't do at the poker tables
1:25:00Entertaining the fish
1:31:00Garrett explaining his success at live poker
1:34:00Choices and focus on fun
1:37:40Advantages of playing more hands
1:40:05Preflop behaviour dependant on table lineup
1:42:50Coachella dilemma
1:45:50Joey bringing up Tom Dwan
1:48:00Garrett about the poker audience
1:50:32Biggest challenge of a poker player
1:55:55The secret to success
1:57:35Garrett about Doug Polk content
1:59:45Our need to "fit in" and avoid conflict
2:04:30Justin Bonomo tweet
2:10:55Luck and what you can control
2:13:00Joey's take on hard work vs luck
2:16:40Ignorance, believing in god and organized religion
2:24:35Joey dropping some content strategy
2:27:30What player does Garrett not want to play against?
2:32:00Donations, streaming and competitiveness in China
2:35:10How to get to the next level in poker
2:39:00Top 5 EDM artists
2:41:00Biggest crusher in live poker nosebleed
2:46:00Matt Berkey skill level?
2:49:10Garrett on Art P.
2:54:10Nick V. talking during big river spot
2:59:10Talking about Andy from Live at the Bike
3:03:00Garrett feeling grateful about poker
  • Garrett Adelstein shares tips for dealing with depression on the Poker Life Pod: "Take a step... Take a breath..."

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