The Five B's of the Winamax SISMIX Festival

With under a month to go until the Winamax SISMIX Costa Brava, taking place in Casino Costa Brava, Spain from May 20th to 26th, we thought we ought to take a look at what makes this festival more special than any other.

So we asked some of the Winamax Team Pros and Team Pro Manager Stephane Matheu what players might expect, what events will be taking place, and why you should consider jumping into the ‘Second Main Event’ – the Beer Pong Tournament!

The Buy-in

The €500 Main Event is the perfect price point for those wanting to balance affordable buy-ins with the chance to win big money! Not only is the buy-in perfect, but the six-max format is always a fan favorite and will be warmly received by all players – especially the aggressive ones!

Adrian Mateos SISMIX 2018
Adrian Mateos Winamax SISMIX Champion 2018

Last year in Marrakech, Winamax Team Pro Adrian Mateos took down the title, taking home just over €89,000, flanked by fellow Team Pros who were all on the rail cheering him on.

“It’s obviously not my biggest win,” said Mateos. “But I know that my fellow Team Pros Davidi [Kitai] and Bruno [Lopes] have won it before, so it felt nice to join them.

“The whole group is really supportive and I love being part of it.”

The Banter

Many tournaments try to balance the atmosphere at the tables with the seriousness of the competition, and this is something that Winamax prides itself on.

Franck Besnard
Franck Besnard AKA Captain Vodka

From a player dressing up as Captain Vodka during the Main Event to carnival performers parading around the swimming pool. And you have to stick around for the midnight ‘Deglingos.’ All-in flips that take place each and every night that are famous for the loudest rails in poker.

Adrien Delmas Mustapha Kanit
Adrien Delmas & Mustapha Kanit

“It’s going to be a great festival," said Winamax Team Pro Mustapha Kanit. "It's a great city, with a great vibe. Really close to the beach so I’m looking forward to it.

“I think there is always this group vibe at Winamax tournaments. It’s a smaller buy-in and many French people see it as a place where they always can meet friends and there’s a bit less pressure while you’re at the tables.”

Speaking of the loudest rail in poker, you might want to check out the next item on our list.

The Beer Pong

Yes, you read that correctly. Beer pong. To many, this constitutes the ‘Second Main Event’ of any Winamax Festival.
Just like the Main Event, the Beer Pong Tournament has previously been won by multiple Team Pros, with Pierre Calamusa (pictured) triumphing at the Winamax SISMIX in Marrakech two years ago, before Gaelle Baumann took down the title at last year’s Winamax Poker Open in Dublin.

Certainly a must for any person planning on attending!

Winamax SISMIX Beer Pong Tournament
Winamax SISMIX Beer Pong Tournament

The Beats

The Winamax SISMIX is not just about poker. There are also parties, events, and entertainment on offer throughout the festival, with DJs and performers giving the festival an atmosphere unlike any other.

“It’s a great mix of poker as well as partying and chilling because it’s non-stop outside of the poker tables," said Winamax Team Pro Romain Lewis. "That’s what it was like in Marrakech and I can’t believe it will be any different in Spain.

“I’m sure there will be the same party vibe as Marrakech, and I’m pretty excited by the closeness of the beach too. Everyone has one eye on the prize pool and one eye, two ears and the rest of their body on the moves by the pool or at the club. It should be great fun!”

Romain Lewis
Romain Lewis

The Brava (Costa, that is)

This year, the Winamax SISMIX festival takes place at the Gran Casino Costa Brava, just a short walk away from the 5* Gran Hotel Monterrey which will host the pool parties and evening entertainment.

With beaches just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, the tournament schedule has events for all bankrolls. There are three starting days for the Main Event, starting on the 22nd of May, as well as a €1,000 High Roller, Monster Stack, and special Sunday Surprise tournament where players receive a mystery prize for every player they eliminate.

“We are all very excited and looking forward to the first Winamax live event to take place in Spain, on the Costa Brava!" said Winamax Team Pro Manager Stephane Matheu.

“In addition to the great location, the SISMIX Costa Brava will combine poker, music and fun parties for everyone! Vamos!"

For more information about the upcoming 2019 Winamax SISMIX, visit the Winamax SISMIX website.

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