The Muck: Jaffee and Ralph Massey Attack Moreno

Johnnie "Johnnie Vibes" Moreno

Johnnie Moreno, better known as his alias “Johnnie Vibes” faced some flack after a tweet he sent was attacked by both Ralph Massey and Jared Jaffee.

Moreno is a prominent figure on social media with more than 7,800 Twitter followers, almost 13,000 followers on Instagram, and a YouTube channel that boasts of more than 32,000 subscribers. Moreno is a “vlogger of life” and his social media accounts give an account of him playing poker around the world.

Vibes has been busy so far in October, traveling to Europe. Moreno was in Dubrovnik, Croatia and was set to fly to Manchester, United Kingdom for an impromptu poker session at the Manchester235 casino. Those plans were dashed when flights out of Dubrovnik were grounded because of high winds.

Weather and Cancellations Cause 40-Hour Journey

His journey home took another turn when the flight he booked from Manchester back to Las Vegas was canceled after the travel agent he used, Thomas Cook, went into compulsory liquidation on Sept. 23.

This caused a little rerouting for Moreno who had to fly from Dubrovnik to London, onto Denver and then onto Vegas where he was set to feature on Poker After Dark. The journey was scheduled to take a stamina-sapping 40 hours.

Machinations at his penultimate stop, Denver, ultimately caused the Twitter spat. Moreno claims a Transport Security Administration agent asked him to remove his laptop from his luggage before asking if Moreno’s latest vlog was on it!

The majority of Moreno’s followers were delighted for his fame, especially as he claims to have been recognized in Dubrovnik too. Even comedian and European Poker Tour commentator Joe “Staples” Stapleton chimed in with an ElkY-esque “So sick!!”

Others were not so kind to Moreno.

'Why You Always Lyin'?'

Jay Farber tweeted a gif asking “why you always lyin’?” with Twitter user “Rosmischers” using a gif of the game show Jeopardy with the tagline “I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $800, Alex.”

Jaffee’s reply to Moreno seems to imply that he doesn’t quite believe Moreno’s story.

Moreno replied asking if Jaffee wanted to bet that his story was true and was prepared to escrow funds across.

Jaffee responded by calling Moreno a clown.

Jaffee then created a public Twitter vote to see if his followers believe Moreno. At the time of writing, 1,121 people had voted, with the skeptics winning at 59% of the votes.

Massey Adds His Two Cents

Massey picked up on the tweets and fired a clown-related response of his own, which resulted in Moreno offering the same bet.

Massey has not taken Moreno up on his bet, claiming it would be too easy to fake. Moreno has since replied stating Massey is “punked out like your bestie Jared” and that when “push comes to shove you’re all talk and no bite. You and Jared. Love to talk Sh*t but won’t back it up when someone stands up for themselves.”

Moreno’s next YouTube vlog should certainly make interesting viewing.

Update: On October 10th, Vibes tweeted a video with a message from the Denver TSA agent in question:

  • The Muck: It's quite clear Jared Jaffee and Ralph Massey don't believe "Johnnie Vibes"!

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