Embark on PokerStars’ Grand Tour and Win Big

PokerStars Grand Tour

PokerStars has launched its Grand Tour feature, a new take on the site’s popular Spin & Go tournaments. Embark on the Grand Tour journey and you could be padding your bankroll with some truly massive prizes. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the PokerStars Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour is a progressive KO (PKO) tournament that’s split into several stages called sprints. The finish line is linked to the bounty value on your head. You start the Grand Tour at any stage you wish and there are six buy-in levels to choose from.

  • $1
  • $2
  • $5
  • $12
  • $25
  • $60

Your goal is to get your own bounty above $100 by the end of a sprint. The buy-in, minus the 10% rake, represents your progress on the Grand Tour and your total bounty value. Finish the sprint with a bounty value of $100 or more and you win your own bounty value plus any additional bounties you’ve accumulated during the sprints you’ve completed.

Each sprint is played on a four-handed sit & go hyper turbo PKO tournament where you’re matched with opponents who have similar bounty values at registration. The tournaments play out like a traditional PKO except there is a twist, a twist that can see each bounty you win become massive.

You pocket part of your opponent’s bounty immediately after you bust them from the tournament. This goes on your head. The remainder of the bounty amount is then multiplied between 1x and 6,000x depending on the size of the bounty in play.

When the average bounty is between $0.90 and $10.80, 50% of your eliminated foe’s bounty goes on your head and 25% goes into your pocket after it’s random multiplier. This changes slightly when the average bounty is $10.81 and above. In this instance, 60% goes on your head and 20% is multiplied by a random factor before hitting your account.

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Grand Tour Bounty Multiplier Tables

If the average bounty in a sprint is below or equal to $10.80, the possible prizes will look like this:

MultiplierExample of $0.30 prizeFrequency
1$0.30259,849 in 1,000,000
1.5$0.45329,999 in 1,000,000
2$0.60163,999 in 1,000,000
2.5$0.7569,918 in 1,000,000
3$0.9048,985 in 1,000,000
3.5$1.0539,075 in 1,000,000
4$1.2032,615 in 1,000,000
4.5$1.3524,770 in 1,000,000
5$1.5013,375 in 1,000,000
6$1.809,850 in 1,000,000
7$2.103,196 in 1,000,000
8$2.402,283 in 1,000,000
9$2.701,304 in 1,000,000
10$3.00587 in 1,000,000
100$30.00130 in 1,000,000
300$90.0065 in 1,000,000

If the average bounty of a spring is $10.81 or above, the following prize multipliers are in play:

MultiplierExample of $20 prizeFrequency
1$20398,007 in 1,000,000
1.5$30260,000 in 1,000,000
2$40136,000 in 1,000,000
2.5$5053,000 in 1,000,000
3$6046,000 in 1,000,000
3.5$7032,000 in 1,000,000
4$8027,217 in 1,000,000
4.5$9020,620 in 1,000,000
5$10012,656 in 1,000,000
6$1208,215 in 1,000,000
7$1402,665 in 1,000,000
8$16001,900 in 1,000,000
9$1801,090 in 1,000,000
10$200490 in 1,000,000
25$500108 in 1,000,000
6,000$120,00032 in 1,000,000

Join PokerStars And Start Your Grand Tour

To get involved in the Grand Tour you need a PokerStars account. Download PokerStars via PokerNews and make a deposit of at least $20 using the bonus code “THIRTY” to be rewarded with a welcome package that hits your new PokerStars account over the course of six days.

DatDaily RewardReward Benefit
Day 110x $0.50 Spin & Go Tickets10 chances to win up to $5,000
Day 25x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 35x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 4$5 cash bonusTry any games of your choice
Day 55x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 6$5 cash bonusTry any games of your choice
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