Joon Park Wins After Deal in LSPS Champions Texas State Main Event

Joon Park topped a three-way deal.

The booming success that was the Lone Star Poker Series Inaugural $1,300 Texas State Main Event has come to its conclusion after an epic Day 3 of action which saw 17 players play down to a champion. While one did emerge in Joon Park, that came after a three-handed deal that secured $195K-plus for everyone involved.

The 29-year-old South Korea native attended the University of Texas and now calls the Lone Star State home, residing in Austin. He is normally a pot-limit Omaha cash game player, but this victory certainly puts his name on the map as a serious hold'em tournament player as he bested a field of 1,818 in the highly anticipated event.

Other deal-makers involved were Nick Shkolnik and Gabriel Andrade. The latter got $195,955 while the former actually took the most money in the deal at $257,170. However, there was still $30K left to play for and he'd wind up in third while Park added that sum to his $241,429 upon beating Andrade.

Official Final Table Results

1Joon ParkAustin, Texas$271,429*
2Gabriel AndradeHouston, Texas$195,955*
3Nick ShkolnikSun Valley, California$257,170*
4Jared HemingwayGreenville, Texas$104,375
5Mike WangLivingston, New Jersey$79,875
6Robert WrightFallbrook, California$61,375
7Christopher DoanHacienda Heights, California$45,375
8Kevin KaylorHouston, Texas$34,375
9Shawn RiceLubbock, Texas$26,000

* denotes a three-way deal

Final Table Live Stream

In addition to PokerNews' live updates, PokerGO has been live-streaming the event on their YouTube channel. Check out the final day below with Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks on commentary.

Action of the Day

Park began Day 3 12th out of 17 players in chips but started to chip up early. A pivotal moment for him came before the final table when he made a huge call for his tournament life that wound up correct as his top-top beat the bluff of Christopher Doan.

By the time the final table of nine was set, Park was in a tightly contested top of the leaderboard with four players between 65 and 85 big blinds.

Action at the final table was wild as there were several chip swings up and down — most notably from Jared Hemingway, who went from chip leader to short stack back to chip leader and back to short stack.

Shawn Rice was the final table's first victim when he ran into Hemingway's aces. Kevin Kaylor next hit the rail in eighth place.

Doan, who ended the first two days with the lad, was eliminated in seventh place after getting bad beats on two hands that took the entertaining player from the top of the charts to out the door in the span of a few short moments.

Robert Wright was eliminated in sixth place before the most accomplished tournament player at the table, Mike Wang, was sent away in fifth place.

Play would grind to a halt four-handed as chips were passed around for about two hours before the aforementioned Hemingway would eventually succumb in fourth place.

The three remaining players then discussed a deal. Shkolnik was chip leader with 40 big blinds, Park second with 33 big blinds, and Andrade third in chips with 16 big blinds. The decision was made to give each player their ICM money and take out $30,000 to play for along with the title.

After some all-in flips, Shkolnik busted in third to leave Park versus Andrade for the title which Park won in a matter of moments, using his big stack to finish off the victory.

Lone Star Poker Series Winners

Through its 19 events, the series catered to a combined 3,212 entrants and awarded $2,646,270 in prize money.

DateBuy-inTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Sunday, April 18$215Event #1: Spring Series Kick-Off409$150,000Gerald Stogner$23,742
Sunday, April 18$400Event #2: $15K Deepstack Almost Freeze Out38$15,000Nick Chin$3,634
Monday, April 19$400Event #3: NLH Senior's Event27$10,000Scott Sanford$3,500
Monday, April19$400Event #4: Manic Monday Double Stack Turbo29$10,000Giovanni Musachio$3,300
Monday, April 19$400Event #5: Limit Horse Deeper Stack Turbo28$10,000Dean Joe$3,049
Tuesday, April 20$500Event #6: Limit Omaha 8 Championshio24$10,200Pedro Rios$4,080
Tuesday, April 20$400Event #7: NLH 6 Max26$10,000Kevin Kaylor$4,000
Wednesday, April 21$400Event #8: The Monster NLH110$35,750Mark Cortez$10,010
Wednesday, April 21$400Event #9: Big Bet 8 Game Mix27$8,000Bryan Evans$3,510
Thursday, April 22$400Event #10: NLH Black Chip Bounty39$15,000Derek Norman$3,885
Thursday, April 22$600Event #11: Spring Series PLO Championship96$48,960David O'Brien$9,874
Friday, April 23$400Event #12: The Ultimate Monster NLH102$33,150Pedro Rios$9,447
Friday, April 23$400Event #13: Pot Limit Big O32$10,400Nick Chin$3,700
Saturday, April 24$400Event #14: Lone Star Surorise Bounty93$47,430Jason Fitzpatrick$13,518
Saturday, April 24$500Event #15: Tag Team Partner Tournament29$12,180Collin Rountree$4,872
Sunday, April 25$600Event #16: “Super” Deep Stack Almost Freeze Out49$24,000Deanna Johnson$6,000
April 27-May 3$1,300Event #17: Texas State $1M GTD Main Event1,818$2,090,700Joon Park$271,429
Sunday, May 2$600Event #18: NLH Spring Series Saver150$76,500Daniel Lowery$15,792
Monday, May 3$400Event #19: NLH Second Chance Send Off86$27,000Michael Lech$8,000

That wraps it up for the PokerNews' coverage of the Lone Star Poker Series after what has been a very fun and enjoyable three weeks of poker action in Houston.

  • The LSPS Inaugural $1,300 Texas State Main Event didn't disappoint, drawing 1,818 entries.

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