MUST SEE: Poker Player Stuns Final Table By Calling Entire Run-Out

Troy Clogston Lone Star Poker Series

Last night, Pedro Rios won Event #12 of the Lone Star Poker Series in what was a pretty impressive victory for $9,447. But that's not the story everyone's talking about.

In a stunning moment seven-handed at the final table, Troy Clogston knocked out Don Iyengar in a hand where Clogston called every hand on the run-out, with PokerGO there to capture every single moment.

After predicting the flop would come 8x9x10x, he also picked out the cards on the turn and river including suits. Sadly, he would finish in third place behind Rios and eventual runner-up Brandon Guzman.

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The Hand

The tournament was the $400 Ultimate Monster at the Lone Star Poker Series that runs April 27-May 3.

With seven players remaining, it folded to Clogston on the button who moved all in with JJ. Iyengar was the table short stack and he woke up in the big blind with AJ and called for his tournament life.

The pair began discussing hands and potential run-outs when Clogston suggested that the flop could come 8x9x10x rainbow, obviously providing both players with an open-ended straight draw.

The flop then came 8910, amazing the others at the table. "That's strong," commented someone at the table. "How did you do that?" commented another.

The Turn

But Clogston wasn't done there. He turned to his tablemates and said "Four of spades?" The dealer burned and turned over the 4.

"What did I just say!" said Clogston.

"Oh my goodness," exclaimed Iyengar, holding his head in his hand. "Someone called that?" said eventual winner Rios.

"He called the flop and the turn!" responded another player.

Iyengar vs Clogston

The River

"So what's coming on the river?" someone asked Clogston.

"Two of hearts," he said, without missing a beat. "Two of hearts come and y'all have to just give me the tournament."

"Two of hearts comes and I'm leaving," replied Rios.

The river? The 2.

The Reaction

There was pandemonium at the final table. PokerGO Commentator Jeff Platt exploded in the booth as the table practically emptied with the players in sheer disbelief.

Lone Star Poker Series
The remaining players vacate the table in disbelief

Iyengar, who had been eliminated in the hand, could only stand at the table and watch his chips head the way of Clogston.

Don Iyengar's Reaction
Don Iyengar is Stunned

"Is that the craziest thing you've ever seen?" asked James Duke.

"He didn't even hesitate," said Jonathan Ajlouny. "He was sure it was the 2."

Platt later tweeted that it was the one of the "craziest things" you will ever seen in poker.

Watch the amazing runout courtesy of PokerGO here!

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