Poker After Dark S12/E28: Trevor Pope Gets Quartered in Six-Figure Pot

Trevor Pope

In the fourth week of "Gamblers Delight" on PokerGO's "Poker After Dark," the game was $100/$200 no-limit hold’em with a $200 big blind ante. The minimum buy-in for the game was $20,000.

In the first week, former Survivor contestant Albert Destrade, Bryan Ercolano and WSOP bracelet winner Trevor Pope made their Poker After Dark debuts, while in the second week someone said “this is going to be a bad call.” In the third week, Dan Shak got off to a hot start, which you can read about here.

Below is a look at five of either the biggest or most interesting hands from this week's episode.

Here are how things stacked up at the end of Episode 3:

Trevor Pope$106,200
Dan Shak$72,200
Bryan Ercolano$57,100
Jake Daniels$53,200
Lynne Ji$19,200
Albert Destrade$13,900

It Went Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit

Two flushes

Pope raised to $500 from under the gun with the A8 and Jake Daniels called next to act with the A3. Shak came along holding the 42 in the cutoff and Destrade did the same with the 76 in the small blind.

The K4A flop paired two players’ ace and gave the other two players a flush draw. Action checked to Shak and he bet $1,500, which all three of his opponents called. All four players then checked the K turn and the Q completed the board on the river.

Surprisingly, action checked around for the second time and Shak showed his four-high flush. It was no good though as Destrade tabled the slightly bigger flush to win the modest $8,400 pot.

“Wow, two flushes and two top two pairs with a queen kicker and it went nit-nit-nit-nit,” Daniels joked.

Daniels Says “Uncle”

Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels
Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels

Lynne Ji raised the button to $1,000 with the A5 and Pope called from the small blind with the A10. Daniels then three-bet to $6,300 from the big with the J8, Shak folded the straddle, and Ji got out of the way.

Pope, who is good friends with Daniels, opted to call and it was heads-up to the flop of Q7K. Pope check-called a bet of $3,700 and made a Broadway straight when the J appeared on the turn, which also paired Daniels and put three spades on board.

Daniels barreled $9,700 and Pope asked, “How big is the river?”

“Take a guess,” Daniels responded. Pope ended up calling and the 6 put four spades on the board. Pope checked his flush and Daniels simply said, “Uncle.”

Pope wasn’t sure what that meant, but once it was explained that it meant Daniels was giving up with a check, he rolled over his hand to claim the $41,000 pot.

Pope Gets Quartered in Six-Figure Pot

Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels
Trevor Pope vs. Jake Daniels

After Daniels triple straddled to $1,600, action folded around to Pope, who had doubled straddled. He called the additional $800 with the A5 only to have Daniels, who looked down at the AK, raised to $6,000.

Pope and Daniels bantered for a bit before the former three-bet jammed and Daniels snap-called off for $50,400. The dynamic duo agreed to run it twice, and Pope was looking to get lucky.

The 3Q2 flop gave Pope a gutshot wheel draw, but he failed to get there as the 8 bricked the turn followed by the 8 on the river. Daniels locked up half of the $113,700 pot, but he wouldn’t get it all as the second runout came 3Q6Q3 for a chop.

That meant Daniels got three-quarters of the pot while Pope got a little rebate.

Daniels Goes Big with River Check-Raise Bluff

Trevor Pope
Trevor Pope

Pope raised the button to $1,000 with the K9 only to have Daniels three-bet to $3,000 with the 88 in the small blind. Pope called and the flop came down 2K5.

Daniels bet $2,300 and Pope called with top pair, which brought about the 6 on the turn. Daniels bet again, this time $4,300, and Pope called to see the 10 river.

Daniels slowed down with a check and Pope paused for a few beats before betting $10,200 into the pot of $20,000. Daniels instantly announced a raise to $38,800 and Pope hit the tank. As they’re prone to do, the two players talked back and forth, each trying to gain information without giving away too much.

Several minutes passed before Pope folded the winner and Daniels showed his pocket eights before pulling in the $69,000 pot.

“He bluffed me yesterday, or he says he bluffed me yesterday, and I didn’t think he’d bluff again,” Pope said in a sideline interview with Veronica Brill. “I just didn’t think he’d bluff twice in that same scenario.”

Player Busts in Set-Over-Set Hand

Bryan Ercolano vs. Lynne Ji
Bryan Ercolano vs. Lynne Ji

After Pope straddled and Daniels double straddled, Ercolano flatted the button with the 88 and Ji did the same from the small blind with the 22 in the big blind. Pope called with the 104 and Daniels checked his option holding the 74, which brought about a flop of 25Q.

Three checks saw Ercolano bet $2,500 and Ji, who had flopped bottom set, called before both Pope and Daniels folded. Action went check-check on the 9 turn, and the 8 spiked on the river to give Ercolano a better set.

Ji moved all in for her last $8,200 and Ercolano snap-called.

“Sorry,” Ercolano offered before being pushed the $24,900 pot.

“No worries,” Ji responded. “It happens.”

That pot made Ercolano the big winner of the night, up $42,000.

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