Poker After Dark S12/E26: Find Out Who Said “This is Going to Be a Bad Call”

Lynne Ji & Albert Destrade

In the second week of "Gamblers Delight" on PokerGO's "Poker After Dark," the game was $100/$200 no-limit hold’em with a $200 big blind ante. The minimum buy-in for the game was $20,000.

In the first week, former Survivor contestant Albert Destrade, who was making his Poker After Dark debut alongside Bryan Ercolano and WSOP bracelet winner Trevor Pope, played a rare six-figure pot, which you can read about here.

Below is a look at five of either the biggest or most interesting hands from this week's episode.

Bord Sets Up Destrade

James Bord
James Bord

In the first hand, Destrade had the $200 straddle on when action folded to James Bord, who raised to $1,300 from the button with the 33. Both blinds folded and Destrade, who had a tight image, three-bet to $6,000 holding the A10.

Never one to shy away, Bord called to see the KJ3, which contained the case three as the 3 had been folded preflop. Destrade checked but called a bet of $10,000 from Bord, who had bottom set. Destrade checked for the second time on the 8 turn and Bord bet $15,000.

That was enough to claim the $47,700 pot as Destrade gave it up.

“This is Going to Be a Bad Call”

Trevor Pope vs. Bryan Ercolano
Trevor Pope vs. Bryan Ercolano

Pope was first to act and raised to $600 with his 87. Ercolano called next to act with the J10, Bord came along from the cutoff holding the 97, and Jake Daniels did the same from the straddle with the K3.

On the 910J flop, Daniel checked and Pope, who flopped a straight, fired out $1,500. Ercolano called with top two pair, the other two players folded, and the A appeared on the turn.

Pope bet again, this time $3,500, and Ercolano called to see the J river, which filled him up. Pope checked his straight and Ercolano bet $7,000 with his full house.

“Alright, this is going to be a bad call,” Pope said before putting in the chips. With that, Ercolano laid claim to a $26,700 pot.

Ercolano Flushes Shak

Dan Shak
Dan Shak

Ercolano limped the button with the Q9 and Dan Shak looked down at the JJ in the small blind. He raised to $1,200 and Ercolano called to see a 72A flop, which gave him a flush draw.

Shak continued for $2,400, Ercolano just called, and the K appeared on the turn. Both players checked and the 3 river gave Ercolano the flush. Shak checked and Ercolano bet $4,500. Shak paid it off, was shown the second nuts, and Ercolano collected the $16,600 pot.

Running the River Twice

Dan Shak vs. Jake Daniels
Dan Shak vs. Jake Daniels

After Bord left the game, Destrade raised to $800 from the hijack with the 53 and Daniels called from the cutoff with the K8. Ercolano came along from the small blind with the J9 before Shak three-bet to $5,000 with the AQ in the big.

Destrade folded, Daniels called, and Ercolano got out of the way to make it heads-up action to the flop, which came down 278. Shak continued for $8,000 and Daniels, who flopped top pair, paused for a few beats before making the call.

After the dealer burned and turned the 2, Shak moved all in for $23,900 and Daniels hit the tank. Eventually, he tossed in a call to create a $75,600 pot and the duo agreed to run it twice before the hands were turned up.

Shak was looking to get lucky, and he did on the first run out when the Q spiked on the river. The 9 on the second run out was safe for Daniels and the end result was a chopped pot.

Gin Turn for Ji

Lynne Ji
Lynne Ji

Ercolano limped with the 87 from the hijack and called when Lynne Ji raised to $800 with the AQ on the button and both blinds folded. Ercolano check after flopping top pair on the 274 and Ji continued for $600. Ercolano woke up with a min-check-raise to $1,200 and Ji called to see the Q turn pair her.

Ercolano check-called a bet of $1,000 and then checked again on the 3 river. Ji bet $3,000 and Ercolano took his time before making the call and watching the $12,500 pot pushed to his opponent.

Here’s how the stack sizes stacked up at the end of the episode:

Jake Daniels$106,900
Trevor Pope$79,500
Bryan Ercolano$62,300
Albert Destrade$60,300
Lynee Ji$46,800
Dan Shak$25,900

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