Find Out How Maria Ho Fared w/ Pocket Aces on Poker After Dark's "Feeding Franzi" Part 2

Maria Ho

On Monday night, PokerGO aired the latest episode of "Poker After Dark” Season 13, which was Part 2 of “Feeding Franzi.”

The seven-handed game, which was a continuation of last week’s episode, was $50/$100 no-limit hold’em with a $100 big blind ante. The minimum buy-in was $10,000 with no max.

Nick Wright, the host of FS1’s “First Things First”, recently lost his High Stakes Duel III match to Phil Hellmuth, but returned here for his PAD debut. He was joined by Eli Elezra, Maria Ho, poker couple Joelle Parenteau and Daniel Weinand, Hish Salama, and the man for which the episode was named Zach Franzi.

If you recall from our last recap, Franzi was on a bit of a heater while both Elezra and Wright were struggling to get anything going.

Here’s a look at the stack sizes shortly into the episode:

Nick Franzi$56,675
Eli Elezra$30,600
Hish Salama$26,375
Nick Wright$19,100
Maria Ho$18,625
Daniel Weinand$15,200
Joelle Parenteau$3,875

Below is a look at five of either the biggest or most interesting hands from this week's episode.

Get to Know Joelle Parenteau

Joelle Parenteau
Joelle Parenteau

After Elezra raised to $300 with the KQ and Wright called with the 109, the short-stacked Parenteau looked down at the AA in the small blind and three-bet to $1,200. Both Elezra and Wright call and it was three-way action to a flop of 45J.

Parenteau was first to act and opted to bet all in for her last $2,675, which inspired a quick fold from Elezra. Wright double-checked his cards and then followed suit. With that, Parenteau claimed the $6,475 pot.

For those that aren’t familiar with Parenteau, she is a poker player and restaurant owner who operates “Wolf Down” locations in Ottawa and Las Vegas. She is also engaged to Daniel Weinand, who was also in the game.

Joelle Parenteau and Daniel Weinand
Joelle Parenteau and Daniel Weinand

Ho Shows the Bullets

Ho raised to $300 with the AA and was called by Wright’s Q10 and Parenteau’s QJ. Weinand then three-bet to $1,600 from the small blind with the AQ, Ho four-bet to $4,000, and both Wright and Parenteau got out of the way.

Weinand didn’t take too long before ditching his ace-queen and giving the $6,400 pot to Ho.

“Show it, show it one time,” Salama encouraged. Ho obliged and tabled here pocket rockets.

Maria Ho
Maria Ho

More Rockets for Maria

Weinand raised to $300 from the hijack with the A7 and Elezra called next to act holding the J10. Ho then looked down at the AA on the button and three-bet to $1,200. Franzi came along from the big blind with the 88, Weinand folded, and Elezra called to make it three-way action to a flop of 739.

Two checks saw Ho continue for $1,600, Franzi called with his pair, and Elezra opted to do the same with his gutshot straight draw. The Q turn saw Franzi check for the second time and Elezra, who improved to an open-ended straight draw, checked as well.

Ho kept the pressure on with a bet of $5,500, which left her $9,500 behind. That was enough to get both Franzi and Elezra to fold, giving Ho the $14,350 pot.

Wright vs. Weinand

Daniel Weinand
Daniel Weinand

Wright looked down at the QQ and raised to $400, which Weinand called from the button with the A6. The rest of the players folded and it was heads-up action to the 6107 flop.

Wright continued for $700 and Weinand raised to $2,300 with bottom pair. Wright called and the dealer burned and turned the 10. Wright checked, Weinanrd did the same, and the 7 double paired the board on the river.

Wright paused for a few beats before betting $1,200, but Weinand didn’t pay it off. He folded and Wright won the $6,850 pot.

Weinand Sets Up Elezra

Daniel Weinand vs, Eli Elezra
Daniel Weinand vs, Eli Elezra

After Ho straddled to $200, action folded to Weinand who made it $700 to go holding the 88 in the small blind. Elezra called from the big with the A3, Ho put in an additional $500 with the 62, and the trio saw a flop of 85A.

Weinand, who flopped a set, led out for $800 and Elezra immediately raised him to $1,700 with top pair. Ho got out of the way and Weinand just called to see the 9 turn.

Weinand coyly checked and Elezra didn’t fall for it as he checked back. Unfortunately for him, the A spiked on the river to give him trips while Weinand filled up.

Weinand came out with a bet of $5,000, which was almost the size of the pot. Elezra thought long and hard before laying it down. Weinand, who claimed the $10,600 pot, then showed Elezra that he had the goods.

Here’s how the stacks sat at the end of the episode:

Zach Franzi$54,950
Hish Salama$28,075
Maria Ho$21,075
Nick Wright$20,450
Eli Elezra$20,425
Daniel Weinand$16,650
Joelle Parenteau$8,825

Remember, Poker After Dark will air every Monday but is only available to PokerGO subscribers. If you’re not currently subscribed, you can get a monthly subscription for $14.99, a three-month plan for $29.99, and an annual subscription for $99.99. You can also save $10 off an annual subscription by using promo code “PokerNews” at checkout.

*Images courtesy of PokerGO.

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