Schemion Comes From Fifth in Chips to Win $1.44M GGOC Super MILLION$ Top Prize

Ole Schemion

When Ole Schemion won the GGPoker Super MILLION$ in October 2020, he did so after sitting down at the final table in seventh place. Schemion bagged himself a second Super MILLION$ title, one that was part of the GG Online Championship and one that came with a massive $1,447,417 payday. He took down the $10,300 Super MILLION$ HR Main Event despite starting the final table fifth in chips with a shade over 35 big blinds.

Schemion is now the 13th GGPoker player to have won at least two Super MILLION$ events. He joins the likes of Andras Nemeth, Bert Stevens, and Anatoly Filatov. However, he needs a few more victories to catch Michael Addamo, Niklas Astedt, and Artur Martirosian, who are tied on five titles apiece.

Here's how Schemion got his hands on his second Super MILLION$ victory.

$10,300 Super MILLION$ HR Main Event Final Table Results

1Ole SchemionAustria$1,447,417
2Simon MattssonNorway$1,116,111
3Rui FerreiraBrazil$860,640
4Renat "Pagan1n1" BohdanovUkraine$663,644
5Chris KlodnickiCanada$511,740
6Joao VieiraBrazil$394,605
7Ronan "Kakonkote" SweeneyIreland$304,282
9Deividas "PDC Mayor" DaubarisMexico$180,927

Deividas "PDC Mayar" Daubaris started his quest for glory as the shortest stack at the final table and was the first player to bust. Rui Ferreira min-raised to 700,000 with pocket jacks from middle position, and the action folded to Daubaris in the small blind who three-bet to 3,500,000 with pocket sixes, leaving himself a shade over 2,700,000 chips behind. Daubaris called when Ferreira set him all-in. Ferreria's jacks remained steadfast, and Daubaris busted in ninth for $180,927.

A key hand in Ronan "Kakonkote" Sweeney's tournament took place shortly after Daubaris busted. Ferreira min-raised to 700,000 under the gun with pocket aces and Sweeney three-bet to 2,275,000 on the button with a pair of kings in the hole. Ferreira was an overwhelming chip leader at this stage, four-bet to 4,550,000, and Sweeney called. A draw-heavy jack-five-ten with two clubs flop saw Ferreira lead for 1,971,250 into the 9,985,000 pot. Sweeney called. Another ten landed on the turn, bringing two diamonds into play. Ferreira checked, and Sweeney bet 3,342,600, around a quarter of the pot. Ferreira check-raised all-in, and Sweeney somehow found a fall, but he finished the hand with less than half of the chips that he started with.

Eighth place and $234,633 when to Russia's "kolayruss1978" after they open-shoved from middle position for a little under five big blinds with ten-nine of clubs. Schemion isolated the all-in player with a three-bet all-in from the button with pocket jacks and won the hand when the board ran out king-high.

Then came the elimination of Sweeney, who never recovered from the kings versus aces hand. Ferreira min-raised to 800,000 under the gun, doing so with ace-four. Simon Mattsson flat called in the cutoff with pocket jacks, only for Sweeney to push all-in for 5,970,978 with ace-queen in the small blind. Ferreira ducked out of the way, but Mattsson called. Sweeney paired both his hole cards, but Mattsson flopped a set. The set held, and Sweeney crashed out and scooped $304,282.

Joao Viera
Joao Viera

The final table lost another player in the hand immediately after Sweeney's exit. Joao Vieira raised twice the big blind to 800,000 with ace-queen of spades before calling off the 6,316,197 chips he had behind when Ferreira ripped it in from the small blind with what turned out to be ace-four of hearts. Ferreira's aggressive play was rewarded with a four on the flop. Vieira did not catch up, and his wait for a Super MILLION% continued, although this sixth-place finish came with a $394,605.

When WSOP bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki fell by the wayside, the final five became four. You need to win your coinflips to take down tournaments, but Klodnicki must not have received that memo. He was in the 500,000 big blind when Renat "Pagan1n1" Bohdanov raised to 3,500,000 with pocket sevens, leaving himself a similar amount of chips behind. Klodnicki moved all-in for 4,917,346 in total with ace-jack, and Bohdanov put in the calling chips. Klodnicki spiked an ace on the flop, but the board four-flushed with hearts, and Bohdanov held a heart. Game over for Klodnicki, who walked away with $511,740 to show for his efforts.

Bohdanov initially used Klodnicki's chips with good effect, and he soared to second in chips. However, Schemion doubled through him with queens versus ace-king to leave him nursing an 8.5 big blind stack. Bohdanov eventually shoved for three big blinds with queen-deuce of diamonds, which lost to Schemion's ace-seven. An excellent result for the Ukrainian who took home $663,644.

Simon Mattsson
Simon Mattsson busted Rui Ferreria in third place

Three-handed play ended with Ferreira falling by the wayside and receiving $860,640. Ferreira could not get going three-handed while Schemion excelled. Ferreira committed his last four big blinds from the button with king-three, and Mattsson called with the dominated seven-three. Mattsson only remained dominated as far as the flop because he spiked two pair. He then improved to a full house on the turn to send the tournament into the heads-up stage.

The stacks were pretty even going into heads-up, but Schemion managed to forge a lead for himself. Schemion came out on top in the biggest pots, including the final hand of the Super MILLION$. Schemion moved all-in with nine-six of clubs, and Mattsson called off his 12 big blinds with king-jack. A nine on the flop proved enough for Schemion to become a two-time Super MILLION$ champion. Mattsson won $1,116,111 for his runner-up finish, while the champion padded his bankroll with $1,447,417

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