Earn Your Share Of $14,000 With WPT Global's Weekly Leaderboards

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The weekly leaderboards on WPT Global are now one of the more established ways for competitive tournament players to test themselves and take a shot at earning some cash and/or tournament tickets in the process. You earn leaderboard points every time you cash in a daily online poker tournament on WPT Global — the exceptions to this are tourneys labeled Satellite, Ticket, or Qualifier.

There are currently two WPT Global weekly leaderboards to compete in. The first — the Weekly Main MTT Leaderboard — rewards the 100 top-scoring players each week with a share of $10,570. The share set aside for the top spot on the leaderboard each week is made up of $1,660 worth of cash and tournament tickets.

The second weekly leaderboard is the more exclusive Weekly High Roller Leaderboard. This leaderboard pays out to just the top five players. The prizes on this leaderboard are worth a total of $3,720 total each week, around half of which goes to the first-place finisher.

Plus, if you manage to become a triple-crown winner along the way, there is also a $100,000 jackpot in it for you as well!

Weekly Main MTT Leaderboard Prizes

PlacePrizePrize Value
13x $110 tickets + a $330 ticket + $1,000 cash$1,660
23x $110 tickets + a $330 ticket + $600 cash$1,260
33x $110 tickets + a $330 ticket + $500 cash$1,050
43x $110 tickets + a $330 ticket + $400 cash$840
53x $110 tickets + a $330 ticket + $300 cash$740
6$110 ticket + $300 cash$410
7$110 ticket + $250 cash$360
8$110 ticket + $200 cash$310
9$110 ticket + $150 cash$260
10$110 ticket + $100 cash$210
11-20$110 ticket + $50 cash$160
21-30$110 ticket$110
31-100$11 ticket$11

Weekly High Roller Leaderboard Prizes

PlacePrizePrize Value
12x $330 tickets + $500 cash$1,490
22x $330 tickets + $250 cash$910
32x $330 tickets$660
4-5$330 ticket$330

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Start Your Quest for Glory With a Generous Welcome Bonus

As well as offering $14,000 in prizes across two weekly MTT leaderboards, WPT Global also offers new players matched deposit bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $1,200. Any new player who deposits $20 or more will automatically receive this deposit bonus.

The playthrough requirements for this bonus is fairly straightforward with each $2.50 increment of the bonus being unlocked every time you generate $10 of rake. This rake can come from either tournaments or cash games. The bonus expires after 90 days starting from the date of your first deposit.

To further sweeten the deal, WPT Global will also award you some tournament tickets. The exact reward depends on whether you are a new player and how big your deposit was.

PlayersDeposit No.Min DepositRewardTotal Rewards
New only1st$20$11 Mini Slam ticket$11 Mini Slam ticket
New and Existing2nd$20$11 Mini Slam ticket2x $11 Mini Slam tickets
New and ExistingDeposit of $300+$300$110 Sunday Slam ticket$11 Mini Slam and $110 Sunday Slam ticket
New and ExistingDeposit of $1,200+$1,2002x $110 Sunday Slam tickets$11 Mini Slam and 3x $110 Sunday Slam tickets
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