Video Showing Police Detaining Poker Player, Gambler Mikki Mase Surfaces

Mikki Mase Arrest Poker

Mikki Mase, a poker player who claims he can beat baccarat, was detained by Los Angeles police on Sunday, apparently after guns were drawn on him and three others.

The incident took place in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles. No arrests were made and the four individuals questioned by police were released. KeyNews.TV released a five-minute video on YouTube showing what transpired.

Why Was Poker Player Detained?

The video begins with Mase, who has appeared a number of times on Hustler Casino Live, approaching the camera and explaining, "yeah, man, I just came out here trying to get back shots of the ghost of Charles Manson. Next thing you know, me and my buddies <expletive>, we see fireworks going off celebrating, we're thinking it's a good time and the cops get mad about it."

Mase, who was sporting a Hustler Casino Live hoodie at the time of the incident, then walked past a police car with three others before being approached by multiple officers who put him and the three other men in handcuffs during questioning.

Mikki Mase Arrest Poker
Mikki Mase

Mase told the Los Angeles Times “We were not on private property. I saw a firework fired earlier in the night and thought it was weird, but thought if I lived out here I might do the same thing.” But he didn't specify why he was in the area on Sunday in the first place. Although the edited video doesn't show it, Mase said police officers pointed their guns at him and the three others before they were detained.

Nick Vertucci, co-owner of Hustler Casino Live, made light of the incident on X, joking that his show was to blame due to Mase's HCL hoodie appearing in the LA Times article cover photo.

Neighbors in Chatsworth reported gunshots to police, but it isn't clear if they were confused by the sound of fireworks. It appears the investigation has concluded and no arrests will be made.

Mase is a polarizing figure in poker and even more so gambling. He claims he can beat the seemingly unbeatable baccarat game and has over 460,000 Instagram followers. The high stakes gambler has over $900,000 in losses in nine appearances on Hustler Casino Live, his latest on Aug. 11, 2023, according to

*Image courtesy of KeyNews.TV YouTube.

  • Mikki Mase was detained by police. Video in the link below:

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