PaddyPower Poker: Best Enjoyed on Fridays

PaddyPower Poker FOMO Fridays

There is nothing worse than hitting the tables that are so quiet you can hear a pin drop and the only chip clatter is the dealer pushing the blinds to the raiser because the action never gets to the flop. EXCEPT...hearing that you missed action that was so insane last night that the chips were on fire. And the pots were so big the dealer pushed them with a bulldozer.

PaddyPower Poker is bringing on F.O.M.O. Fridays to make sure you aren't going to have the bleak feeling of despair that you missed something insanely crazy and fun!

PaddyPower’s solution to FOMOs

Get ready to experience the Hundy Max and stay in so you don't have the FOMO blues. The Hundy Max is a new tournament that runs on Fridays and is capped at 100 players — only the top 5 get paid.

The prizepool is guaranteed at €1,000, registration begins each Monday, if you don't grab your seat, you'll be too late because 100 seat tournaments fill up damn fast. Get your seat in the Hundy for €11...better yet, get in cheaper by buying in with points. Then get ready to play the tournament at 08:30 PM every Friday.

You can also jump into two qualifier freerolls that run every night. If you bust, jump back in with a €1 re-buy. The guarantee on the qualifier freerolls is four tokens. If there are any additional funds over the guarantee, extra seats will be awarded.

You never have to experience the FOMO on any day of the week again. Simply head for PaddyPower Poker on Friday and enjoy a rocking tournament where your aim is the top five spots and if your game is on, you should finish well in the reduced field!

For all the Omaha lovers out there, PaddyPower has a F.O.M.A.H.A Friday tournament just for you. It's capped at 15 players and packs a €125 guarantee. Look under the F.O.M.O. Fridays tab in the poker lobby for the F.O.M.A.H.A Friday tournament.

If you haven't opened an account at PaddyPower Poker, you're missing out on some of the best, action packed cash games and big tournaments offered anywhere on the virtual felt.

Right now is the optimal time to get in and start playing because we have a super deal for you when you download PaddyPower and open your account through our link.

You are going to receive a match bonus of up to $500 on your first deposit and pick up a $5 cash bonus when you earn one point playing at the cash game tables and get $10 in tournament tokens and a $10 casino bonus. Find more information on this super $525 deposit bonus in our PaddyPower Review.

Make your deposit and you'll never have to face the FOMO when you log in and get ready to rock and roll your way into the top five in the Hundy Max. Take the road to F.O.M.O. Fridays right now — and never look back.

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  • Don't miss the insanely crazy action at PaddyPower Poker - check out the F.O.M.O. Fridays!

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