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Learn Why Betfair Poker's Twister Poker is Better Than Other Lottery Style Games

Betfair Poker

Lottery-style sit-and-go tournaments are all the rage. After all, how else can you potentially win a huge amount of money in a matter of minutes and have an edge on the game with a little studying?

Just about every online poker room offers these types of games. They may look the same on the face of them but there are huge differences.

It is true some places are better than others. You should consider checking out Betfair Poker with its Twister Poker offering as not only are the games softer than most if not all of the competition but if you are willing to put in the grind they can award you big every week in €12,500 Weekly Twister Races.

Play Twister Poker

What is Twister Poker

Twister Poker is a lottery-style game that kicks off after three players register for a game with buy-ins ranging from €1 to €50. In other words, there is a buy-in that suits any player's bankroll.

The prize pool is randomly determined before the start of the game. Many times you will find yourself playing for double the buy-in but you could also be playing for three, five, eight, 50, or even 1,000 times the buy-in!

Most of the games are winner-takes-all. However, Betfair Poker awards every player something when the prize pool is 50 or 1,000-times with second and third places receiving 10 percent of the prize pool each while the winner walks away with 80 percent.

A tip for you is to study your push fold charts and look for some free videos and other content explaining basic advice. This should be enough for you to consistently beat these games but if you need more there is plenty of paid content out there as well to help you along.

Win Big in Twister Races

Even without any promotions, playing Twister Poker is both fun and could be very rewarding. However, Betfair Poker spices things up even more with weekly Twister Races awarding €12,500 in prizes (€8,050 Cash + €4,450 Twister Tokens).

How the Twister Races work is easy. For every game you play you get leaderboard points based on the buy-in. For example. if you play a €5 Twister Poker game you get five leaderboard points and if you play a €20 Twister Poker game you will get 20 leaderboard points.

In addition, you get double the points for every game that you win. So it isn't just about volume it combines a bit of skill as well.

Twister Buy-InPoints for playingBonus points for winning
€ 111
€ 222
€ 555
€ 101010
€ 202020
€ 505050

Twister Races Prizes

You can win a share of €12,500 every week, defined as Monday at 12 a.m. GMT until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. GMT, in the Twister Races.

The top 250 players on the leaderboard are each guaranteed at least a €5 Twister Poker token with the winner walking away with €1,000 in cold, hard cash!

1€1,000 cash
2€700 cash
3€550 cash
4€400 cash
5€300 cash
6€200 cash and 3 x €10 Twister tickets
7-10€100 cash and 3 x €10 Twister tickets
11-50€50 cash and 4 x €5 Twister tickets
51-100€30 cash and 4 x €5 Twister tickets
101-150€20 cash and 4 x €5 Twister tickets
151-2503 x €5 Twister tickets

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Sign Up To Betfair Poker Today

If you want to win big in Twister Poker and in the Twister Races, you will obviously need an account at Betfair Poker.

Don't worry if you don't already have an account as we have your back with an amazing welcome package.

Simply download Betfair Poker via PokerNews and you will get to spin the special welcome wheel where the top prize is €10,000 cash once you have created a poker nickname in the Betfair Poker software.

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€10,000 cash1
€20 Twister tickets400
€10 Twister tickets500
€5 Twister tickets1,400
€2 Twister tickets5,000
€1 Twister ticket35,000
€0.50 Twister ticket65,000

In addition, special easy-to-complete poker missions are unlocked once you’ve made your first deposit. Complete them and you’ll receive a spin on the Platinum Bonus Wheel, with more spins awarded for each mission you complete. This special wheel makes it possible to win up to €2,500 cash.

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€2,500 cash1
€1,000 cash2
€100 cash50
€10 cash150
€5 Age of the Gods Twister ticket200
20 Age of the Gods free spins3,000
€1 cash20,000
€1 Twister ticket20,000
€0.50 Wild Twister ticket40,000
  • Betfair Poker hosts a Weekly €12,500 Twister Races leaderboard that awards a top prize of €1,000.

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