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Crucial Mistakes Open-Raisers Make That Ruin Their Tournament Lives

Crucial Mistakes Open-Raisers Make That Ruin Their Tournament Lives
  • Understanding how and when to make preflop opening raises is a crucial tournament skill.

  • @PokerSprout's Reid Young explains the relationship between position and open-raising ranges.

Open-raising is one of the most frequent actions you take at the poker table, yet most raising players hurt their chances of winning. Even a minimum raise preflop represents a huge risk to the short and medium poker stacks that dominate tournament play.

Here’s what you need to know about profitable open-raises in tournament poker play:

  • Focus on the percent increase of stack sizes — the shorter your chip stack, the more relative value there is in a successful blind (and ante) steal
  • Know exactly how to adapt your raising frequency to the number of players between you and a successful blind steal
  • Choose the best hands with which to open-raise against any group of players

Let’s look at common tournament mistakes, then solve those problems. Along the way, you will learn low risk techniques to extend your tournament life with this sample PokerSprout Quick Tip video.

Reid Young is lead instructor at PokerSprout, an on-demand video education service where bite-sized and laser-focused videos turbo charge your poker strategy quickly and efficiently. Start your free trial today at and experience a better way to learn poker strategy.

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