Master Preflop Play with the New Advanced Solver Ranges

Master Preflop Play with the New Advanced Solver Ranges

The Advanced Solver Ranges, now available to Upswing Lab members, are the most comprehensive set of affordable preflop ranges you will find online.

The ranges were created by Fried Meulders, a 500NL Zoom crusher known as “mynameiskarl” on PokerStars.

Just in case you don’t know Fried, here are his graphs from 2017, 2018, and 2019:

Master Preflop Play Fried Graphs

That’s $202,974 profit in the world’s toughest $500 buy-in cash game.

Anyway, about those ranges...

Fried ran the simulations and painstakingly worked through just about every conceivable preflop scenario in Monker Solver. The result: 98 easy-to-use, GTO-influenced preflop charts for every position.

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Poker range charts like this typically cost hundreds of dollars to buy, but you get them as a free bonus when you sign up for the Upswing Lab training course.

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Advanced Solver Ranges: Which Scenarios Are Covered?

These new ranges show you exactly what hands to play from each position, taking the guesswork out of preflop play.

The 98 interactive charts cover the following scenarios:

  • Raise first in (RFI) ranges for all positions in a 6-max game.
  • vs RFI and 3-bet ranges from all positions.
  • Squeeze and vs squeeze ranges to help you navigate multiway spots.
  • Blind vs blind ranges covering SB limp and SB raise spots.
  • vs 3-bet ranges for every position vs every other position.
  • vs 4-bet and cold 4-bet ranges to help you play well in big pots.

In other words, just about every preflop scenario you will ever find yourself in is covered.

Solver Inputs (for Fellow Nerds)

Fried has been dominating for years in the PokerStars 500NL Zoom games using a solver-based strategy, so he knows a thing or two about working with solvers.

He developed the Advanced Solver Ranges with the following inputs in Monker Solver:

  • No calling in HJ/CO/SB
  • 5% rake with a cap of 0.6bb (500NL Zoom rake)
  • Sizes: 2.25bb RFI, 7.25bb 3-bet, 23.25 4-bet
  • 3-bet to 9.75bb from SB, 11.25bb from BB

Fried then took the resulting ranges and went over them thoroughly, simplifying the overall strategy and frequencies to make the charts easier to use in practice (without sacrificing significant expected value).

Get These Ranges Now and Save $50

These ranges are the result of hours of work from a world-class cash game player, and they are at your disposal as a member of the Upswing Lab training course.

But that’s far from all the course has to offer…

The elite team of Upswing coaches has been adding content to the Lab every week for the past four years, and you get access to all of it when you join:

  • Learning Modules: 74 in-depth lessons that will help you learn crucial concepts and win.
  • Play & Explains: 231 videos in which the coaches demonstrate their strategy.
  • Preflop Ranges: 439 charts for online cash games, live cash games, and tournaments.
  • Private Group Access: Get help from Upswing coaches and your fellow members.
  • Always Updated: 5+ hours of new content is added every month.

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Don’t forget to use the coupon code POKER50 to get $50 off. Learn more about the course!

Side note: Want proof that the Lab strategies actually work? Read this article that high stakes regular Ali Imsirovic wrote after taking the course: Avoiding These 3 Mistakes Launched My Poker Career.

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