How and When to Open-Raise in 6-Max Online Cash Games

How and When to Open-Raise in 6-Max Online Cash Games

Those interested in exploring online six-handed cash games would do well to check out the latest free video strategy series being offered over at PokerStars School, the "6-Max Cash Game Strategy Guide" presented by Peter "Carroters" Clarke.

A professional player, coach, and strategy author from Scotland, Clarke is currently deep into his 10-part series designed to introduce players to the exciting, action-packed world of online 6-max. Those more accustomed to low stakes live cash games and/or tournaments will especially benefit from the series and the many strategic insights Clarke provides regarding this more aggressive poker format.

The 10-part series features videos lasting around a half-hour each and covering a range of topics, starting with the basics before moving through a variety of common situations occurring preflop (including raising and responding to others' raising, dealing with limpers, and making and responding to three-bets) and postflop (including making and responding to continuation betting, value betting, and bluffing).

For example, in Episode 3: C-Betting Clarke focuses on how to play the flop when you've been the aggressor preflop, in particular talking about how to become smart with your continuation betting. one of the fundamental skills needed to be successful at no-limit hold'em cash games. There Clarke covers general strategy when continuation betting, reasons to c-bet, and how to read board textures.

In the most recent entry in the series, Episode 9: Bluffing Later Streets, Clarke includes more advanced discussion of exploitative play and Clarke sharing his theory regarding what he calls the "Nothing Changed Fallacy" that causes players mistakenly to discount the idea of bluffing on turn or river cards that appear not to have changed the board.

If you're brand new to short-handed online cash games, you might start with Episode 1: The Basics in which Clarke focuses on introducing the special dynamics of 6-max, then moves into advice about how and when to open-raise as well as bet sizing when opening. Take a look:

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  • Learn the ins and outs of six-handed online cash game strategy with Peter "Carroters" Clarke.

  • 6-max online games feature more action and aggression than typical low stakes, full ring live poker.

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