Poker Terms Explained: Family Pot? Float? Flash?

Poker Terms Explained

The poker world can often be a confusing one, even if you already know how to play poker. You can read as many poker strategy articles and books as you like, but it's always an intimidating moment when you don't quite understand the meaning of a certain word or phrase.

There are certainly many eclectic and confusing poker terms that make poker such an exciting game, and PokerNews is here to explain seven of them to you.

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Family Pot

A Family Pot occurs when many or even all players at a table see a flop. This often occurs in some low-limit games, with players either limping or calling a raise pre-flop, creating a "family pot".

Free Card

Receiving a Free Card can often be a good thing when you're playing. This occurs when all players check the flop or the turn, allowing a player to see the next card for free.

It's often used when a player is drawing to a straight or flush, receiving a free card to increase their chances of completing their draw.


A Float is when a player calls an opponent's post-flop bet with a weak hand in order to try and bluff on a later street.

This is often done when players believe their opponent does not have a strong hand, and may bluff on the turn or river.

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Don't argue with this guy! The Floorman or Tournament Director is the person in charge of a tournament or cardroom, making the rulings and decisions on important hands or incidents.

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A Flash occurs in stud where a common card is turned up for everyone's use when insufficient cards are available to complete a stud game.


Everyone loves a freeroll! Many big names in the world of poker have grown their bankroll from freeroll tournaments, which cost nothing to enter and offer prizes at no risk or cost for players.

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Fill Up

When a player Fills Up, it usually refers to them completing a full house. This occurs when they have made two pair or a set, and a hand improves them to a full house and fills their hand up.

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