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Strategy with Kristy: Alec Torelli Talks How to Decide If You Should Go Play Poker

Poker pro and writer Alec Torelli returns for Part 2 of his interview on the Strategy with Kristy podcast. Last week, in Part 1, Torelli discussed how to handle downswings.

Here in Part 2, he discusses how to decide whether or not to go play poker and what you should be doing if you don't.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

"Not feeling like playing poker doesn't mean there's not homework to do. You could work on your game by going to the casino and playing poker. That's making you money. Or you could try to improve your game by studying statistics, reading, talking to friends, watch an interview or track your spending. There are so many ways that you can improve your poker game or even better your financial situation.

"What I'm saying is that the actual act of going to go play should be reserved for the times that you have the most inspiration and excitement about the game. Because those are the hours that are going to mean the most. To be successful, I like to look at it like I look at any other sport. The top players probably don't love watching the match that they played and looking to see their mistakes or studying their opponents weaknesses. That's not the fun part. That's work. So if I'm not feeling inspired to play, I'll force myself to work because that's what it takes to compete and be at the top."

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