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Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Jared Bleznick

Jared Bleznick

Jared "harrington25" Bleznick was a prominent figure in online tournaments and cash games before Black Friday. He has since moved out of the country to play but recently said he will no longer be playing online. Instead, he’s offered his services as a coach.

For this edition of Strategy with Kristy, brought to you by South Point, Bleznick talks about what it takes to be poker professional, beginner pot-limit Omaha strategy, and advice he has for those considering making poker a career.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

As a no-limit hold’em player, I understand when to three-bet preflop, but in pot-limit Omaha, it seems like players are getting in buy-ins so frequently. So I guess my question is, what are you considering when three-betting in pot-limit Omaha?

To talk about what you first said about players getting it in by three-betting and four-betting preflop — that’s honestly because everyone literally just has a gambling problem. I’m being serious. Everyone just gambles in Omaha because the edges are so small in any individual hand. If you take eight-nine-ten-jack double-suited and you put it up against ace-ace-two-six with a suit, you’re basically a very small dog. When you take into account the blinds and the dead money, you’re basically flipping.

Let’s say a guy is playing with $200,000 in his account and another guy is playing with $20,000. The guy that’s three-betting with eight-nine-ten-jack [with $200,000 in his account] is eventually going to bust you because you’re flipping and the guy has you covered with his bankroll.

As for the three-betting, I think you should be three-betting a lot more when you’re deeper. It allows for a lot more play. If you three-bet a guy that has 100 big blinds, and he four-bets you with aces, at the point, you’re not even playing poker anymore. You’re just gambling. If you do it when you’re really deep, you can actually play poker. These guys that do that and three-bet and four-bet and constantly get it in are literally putting their money in and closing their eyes. It’s just stupid, honestly.

When I say the games are tough, it’s because the edges are small. So even if a guy is doing that, he’s never in that bad a shape. It’s not like in hold’em where you’re getting it in in a 80/20 or 70/30 situation. You’re getting it in at like 55/45. A lot of people can’t overcome that.

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