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The Weekly PokerNews Quiz: Aces vs. Kings vs. Queens

01-14-2017 32929 responses Top results

Today the first PokerStars Championship Bahamas series comes to an end with the finales of both the $5,300 Main Event and the $25,750 High Roller set to play out today.

Over in the Main they're down to six players, with Michael Gentili leading and Christian Harder not far behind, and 2016 November Niner Cliff Josephy also still in the running. Meanwhile in the High Roller Nick Petrangelo bagged the lead for a second straight night, and he'll start today on top with nine players left.

The High Roller ended with an interesting preflop three-way all-in that resulted in Luc Greenwood knocking out both his brother, Sam, and Sergio Aido. The hand saw one of the all-in players ahead on the flop, but the river card changed everything to cause the double-KO.

For today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Quiz, answer these eight multiple choice questions about three-way all-ins, starting with one about that Greenwood-Greenwood-Aido hand. Getting six right earns you a passing score. When you're done, check "Top results" to see how you did versus others, and if you're logged into your PokerNews account, your username will appear on the leaderboard. Click here to get an account.

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Question 1

In that final hand of the High Roller last night, Luc Greenwood moved all in from the button with 5d-5c, Sergio Aido called from the small blind with Ac-2c, and Sam Greenwood called from the big blind with Ad-9c. By the turn the board read As-Th-4d-8d -- which player had the fewest outs to win?

Question 2

In that hand pocket fives was the favorite before the flop. Let’s change the cards slightly -- which of these hands would be the preflop favorite?

Question 3

These three are even closer -- which of these hands would be the favorite in a preflop three-way all-in situation?

Question 4

What about this one -- which of these three hands would you rather have in a preflop three-way all-in?

Question 5

Another preflop three-way all-in, and you’re in there and at risk with Ac-Kc. Which of the following pairs of hands would you rather be facing?

Question 6

On a board showing Ac-Ts-9h, which of the hands below has the best chance of finishing on top?

Question 7

Let’s move to the turn with a board showing Th-9s-8s-8d. Who’s in front, probability-wise?

Question 8

Finally -- circling back to PokerStars Championship Bahamas -- in the Main Event with 200 players left there was a three-way all-in on the feature table between Thomas Muehlemann with Ah-Ac, Angel Panalver with Ks-Kd, and Matthew Aquino with Qs-Qc. Muehlemann was the obvious favorite, but what percentage chance did he have for his aces to hold?

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