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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: All In at the WSOP Main Event

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Just 80 players are left from the starting field of 6,737 in the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. But there is still a long way to go until they reach a final table of nine, then an even longer wait until that final table finally plays out in November.

The cash bubble burst Thursday night late on Day 3, and it has taken just over two more days' worth of poker for the field to be trimmed from 1,011 down to 80. A number of big names remain, with many more making deep runs only to fall short on Days 4 or 5.

Today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz highlights some of the big bustouts over the last couple of days being reported by Use these eight questions to test your knowledge of all-in situations. Six correct answers earns a passing grade, and when you're done you'll see a leaderboard showing you how your finish compared with others taking the quiz.

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Question 1

After losing most of his stack with ace-king versus pocket threes, 2013 WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess was knocked out in 271st ($36,708) in a hand versus Valentin Vornicu in which Riess again had two overcards against a small pair. With Kd-10h versus Vornicu’s 5c-5h, Riess had about a _________ chance of winning, but there was a five on the flop and he was drawing dead by the turn.

Question 2

Maria Ho was one of the early knockouts yesterday in 242nd ($36,708), and Vornicu was the responsible party once more. The hand began as a four-way pot, then a Jd-8s-5d flop saw Ho get all her chips in with Ad-9d versus Vornicu’s Qd-4d while the other players stepped aside. At that point Ho was ahead as an almost _________ favorite to win, but a four on the river gave the hand to Vornicu.

Question 3

Yesterday Shaun Deeb went out in 221st ($42,285) after taking 7c-7h up against Jeff Hakim’s Ad-As. Deeb was just about _________ to double up, but couldn’t improve and was eliminated.

Question 4

Soon after that hand, Jennifer Shahade went out in 204th ($42,285). As the PokerStars blog explained, Shahade was all in preflop with pocket aces against an opponent’s pocket queens, but the board gave her opponent a flush and Shahade was knocked out despite having been better than a _________ favorite to survive that hand.

Question 5

Johnny Chan made another deep run this year to finish 180th ($42,285). Chris Hanks was the player to knock out the two-time Main Event champ, doing so just one hand after Shankar Pillai crippled Chan. In that penultimate hand, Chan had open-shoved from the button with 8s-5h and got called by Pillai who had 10h-10c in the big blind, a situation in which Chan was only about _________ to win.

Question 6

Dan Heimiller made it all of the way to 137th ($49,108). His last hand saw him raise all in on a Qs-7s-3h-4s board over a Daniel Colman bet. A third player folded, then Colman called the shove to show Ks-9s for a spade flush. Heimiller had 7c-7h for a set of sevens, meaning with one card to come he had just _________ outs to win the hand.

Question 7

2004 Main Event champion Greg Raymer finished 122nd ($49,108) yesterday after running 9h-9c into Kenny Hallaert’s 10h-10s. Raymer was about _________ to survive, but Hallaert’s hand held, earning him the pot and a signed fossil from Raymer (pictured above).

Question 8

Finally, Bryan Piccioli was the chip leader to start Day 5 with 251 players left, but at the end of the night he would fall in 84th ($67,855). In his last hand Piccioli four-bet shoved with Ah-Qh, was called by Jerry Wong who had Ad-Kh, and after the board ran out eight-high Piccioli’s run was over. When the chips went in, Piccioli had about a _________ chance of surviving either by winning the hand or chopping.

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