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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: A Game of People Played With Cards

08-08-2015 69238 responses Top results

It’s time once more for “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz,” the multiple-choice test compiling 10 questions derived from the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Answering seven out of the 10 questions correctly earns a passing grade, and for any incorrect answers you’ll get an explanation regarding the correct choice. Again, you may be able to figure out answers to some of these without having read the articles to which they refer, but you can always check back through the week’s articles to double-check your answers.

Question 1

Among his tips for organizing home games, European Poker Tour Senior Floor Manager Luca Vivaldi tells what denomination chips you'll need when hosting a tournament. According to Vivaldi, what would be appropriate when hosting a tournament in which the blinds begin at 25/50 and players start with 20,000 chips?

Question 2

In “What Can You Learn from an Old-School Poker Player? Plenty,” Robert Woolley shares what Mike Caro believes to be “poker’s most important secret.” What is it?

Question 3

Poker pro Daniel Jones alludes to a few books that helped him improve his mental game. Which of these is *not* a book he cites as having helped him?

Question 4

Why might low-stakes fixed-limit hold'em be a better starting place for those new to live poker than no-limit hold'em?

Question 5

In “3-Way All-in - Should I Gamble Here?” Alec Torelli determines that a reader has correct odds in an early tournament hand to commit his stack in a big three-way pot. Why, though, does Torelli suggest the player might still want to fold?

Question 6

In this week’s “Hold’em With Holloway,” Chad describes a hand in which he raised from the small blind, the big blind three-bet, and he called. After Chad won the hand, his opponent asked him “How much did I have to raise to get you to fold?” Strategically speaking, what problem does Chad have with that question?

Question 7

This week Matthew Pitt wrote about a “300-Day Grind.” Why 300 days?

Question 8

In Zachary Elwood’s “Feigning Relaxation as a False Tell,” what is the post-betting behavior/strategy being employed by Dave Backstrom in the hands Elwood studies?

Question 9

“Klein vs. Esfandiari: Fighting Back Against Aggression from the Button” by Mo Nuwwarah suggests the following strategy for dealing with a player who is constantly raising and exerting pressure from late position.

Question 10

As explained in “Casino Poker for Beginners: Introducing Poker Room Personnel, Part 2,” who is responsible for keeping a poker room’s rule book up-to-date?

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