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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: “So I Look Down at Pocket Aces...”

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None of us are fans of bad beat stories — at least of hearing others tell them. But we’re all very familiar with the genre and some of its most common attributes. How many times have you heard one that starts with the line quoted above?

Earlier this week in a new installment of “Hold’em with Holloway,” Chad Holloway shared some stories of being dealt pocket aces more than once while playing events at the recent World Series of Poker Circuit Planet Hollywood stop. His weren’t bad beat stories, though, but discussions of the strategy involved with playing {A-}{A-}, particularly after the flop.

While the best starting hand in no-limit hold’em served Chad well a few times, they didn’t always work out for him, thus highlighting the important lesson stated in the article’s title: “Don’t Get Married to Pocket Aces.”

“The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz” this week focuses on pocket rockets, with eight multiple-choice questions about the hand. Getting six or more correct earns a passing grade, and if you happen to miss any you’ll get an explanation of the correct response.

That’s the deal. Pocket aces... you have to play this one, right?

Photo: “Two Aces,” Poker Photos. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: “So I Look Down at Pocket Aces...” 101

Question 1

What is the probability of being dealt pocket aces in no-limit hold'em?

Question 2

Preflop, what is the percentage favorite of Ac-Ah versus Ad-Kc?

Question 3

Preflop, what is the percentage favorite of Ac-Ah versus 7d-2c?

Question 4

How big of a preflop favorite are pocket aces over a lower pocket pair?

Question 5

Players often (correctly) will raise or reraise before the flop with A-A, as there are many good reasons for doing so. Which of the following is *not* one of those good reasons?

Question 6

Which of the following represents a situation when limping preflop with pocket aces might represent a good play?

Question 7

On which of the following boards does Ac-Ah represent the nuts?

Question 8

Which might be a scenario in which *folding* pocket aces before the flop could be a reasonable option?

What do you think?