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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Are You Ready for Some Football?

02-06-2016 68762 responses Top results

Following almost two weeks’ worth of suspense-building anticipation, Super Bowl 50 is nearly here!

Like poker, football has its own extensive terminology which sometimes can seem like a foreign language to those who are less familiar with the game. The Super Bowl is such a television spectacle it always attracts viewers who otherwise don’t watch football, and to them some of the terms being used might be confusing.

In fact, a lot of terms used in football turn up in poker, too, although with different meanings. As a nod to tomorrow’s big game, today’s installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz” highlights eight terms used in both football and poker. Get six or more right and you pass the quiz, and if you happen to miss one you’ll get an explanation of the correct response.

Enough with the hype. Let’s kick this thing off...

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Question 1

Tomorrow’s Super Bowl will begin with a coin flip to determine which team will receive the opening kickoff. In poker, which of the following preflop all-in situations would be called a “coin flip”?

Question 2

Following the coin toss, one team’s kicker will get things going and the battle will begin. In hold’em, if you’re holding Ac-Qh and the board comes 10d-9d-2c-Ah-5s to give you a pair of aces, what is the “kicker”?

Question 3

The first play from scrimmage will feature the quarterback standing behind the center who will snap the ball. In poker, the term “snap” is sometimes used to refer to...

Question 4

Often teams will try to establish their ground games early and rush the ball frequently during the early stages of the game. In poker, a “rush” usually refers to...

Question 5

A team’s success rushing the ball usually depends on having good blocking. In poker, which of the following is the most typical example of a “blocking” bet?

Question 6

This year’s Super Bowl features the NFL’s two best defenses, so many are predicting a low scoring game. Which of the following is an example of a “defense” in poker?

Question 7

If the defenses play well tomorrow, the game will probably feature a lot of punts. In poker, “punting” usually refers to...

Question 8

Finally, the Panthers are favored over the Broncos by 5 1/2 points in many places, which means if Carolina is up by 10 and the Broncos score a late touchdown, that would constitute a “backdoor cover” and those betting on Denver will win their bets. In poker, what is an example of a “backdoor” hand?

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