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#1 Online Poker Betting Strategy Quiz

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Poker Betting Strategy - Installment "To Bet or Not to Bet"

Welcome to the weekend, all. It’s time once more for another installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Poker Betting Strategy Quiz” featuring 10 questions derived from the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Getting seven or more correct out of 10 earns you a passing grade, and if you get any wrong you’ll get a note explaining the correct choice. You may be able to figure out the answers to some questions without having read the articles to which they refer, although you can always look back through the week’s articles to double-check your answers.

Ready? Go...

Question 1

In “How To Play Against Tight Players,” what is one difference between cash games and tournaments Isaac Haxton says is worth keeping in mind when it comes to playing against tight players.

Question 2

What is a “splash pot” promotion?

Question 3

Which of the following is an example of "trapping" an aggressive player?

Question 4

In Nathan Williams’ “Live Players Transitioning to Online Poker: Don’t Make These Two Mistakes,” which of the following does he say is “the number one mistake live players make when transitioning to online play”?

Question 5

Why is variance generally higher for online poker players versus those who play live?

Question 6

In one of the hands played by Neymar Jr. at the EPT Barcelona €25K High Roller, he limps from the cutoff with Ah-9d then calls Dani Stern’s button raise. What play does Chad Holloway recommend over Neymar’s limp-calling in this spot?

Question 7

What is a "semi-bluff"?

Question 8

Mo Nuwwarah recommends having "fold equity" when semi-bluff shoving, referring to...

Question 9

In his review of Andrew Brokos's "The Thinking Poker Diaries, Vol. 5," Ben Saxton refers to Brokos saying that when at a tough table early in a tournament, he'd rather be dealt J-T-suited on the button than A-A in early position. Why?

Question 10

According to Alec Torelli in "The (Second) Best Fold of All Time," which of the following is true?

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