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(Poker Strategy Hint: If you're stuck - Pick "C")

As poker players, we are naturally an inquisitive group. Indeed, any thinking poker player who is actively trying to play as well as he or she can is constantly seeking answers to questions about the players sitting around the table and the meaning of their actions.

If you think about it, every time you sit down to play poker, you are — in a way — willingly subjecting yourself to yet another kind of test or poker strategy quiz. It’s one you’re ready for, of course, with your previous experience and study all being part of the preparation you’ve brought to this new exam. But you don’t know exactly what the questions are going to be in advance, which is why the game can be so challenging — and interesting, too.

In that spirit, here’s another installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Poker Strategy Quiz” for you to tackle, with 10 multiple-choice questions derived from the previous week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Get seven out of the 10 questions correct and you earn a passing grade, and for any incorrect answers you’ll get an explanation regarding the correct choice. This is an “open book” exam, by the way, meaning you can feel free to check back through the week’s articles if needed to find the correct answers.

Everyone seated and ready? Okay... begin.

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Question 1

What does it mean when a tournament is played “hand-for-hand”?

Question 2

The article “Are You Winning or Losing? It Doesn’t Matter” discussed Phil Laak’s new cash-game related poker term -- “upstuck.” What does Laak’s term mean?

Question 3

In the 2006 WSOP Main Event, a three-way hand occurred in which Jamie Gold had 4s-3c, Michael Binger had Ah-10h, and Paul Wasicka had 8s-7s. The flop came 6s-10c-5s. If all three remained in the hand through the river, who had the best chance of winning the pot?

Question 4

What does “relative hand strength” mean?

Question 5

If you flop a big draw, which of the following is *not* a reason to be aggressive with your betting?

Question 6

In this week’s “Hold’em with Holloway,” Chad listed two reasons why “weak aces” (i.e., A-9 through A-2) can be trouble. Which of the following is not one of those reasons?

Question 7

In “Home Game Heroes: Different Board Arrays in Flop Games,” one of the games discussed is “Double Omaha,” a game that features...

Question 8

In "The Top 5 Keys to Crushing the Micros in 2015," why does Nathan Williams suggest staying away from Zoom or other "fast-fold" games?

Question 9

In “Where’s the Value? Looking at the Players Left to Act,” Mo Nuwwarah notes how with 3c-2c “two pair or even flushes could easily be counterfeited.” What does he mean by “counterfeited”?

Question 10

In “Choosing a World Series of Poker Main Event Starting Day: Does It Matter?” we learned that over the last five years...