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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Why Are We Betting?

08-27-2016 49633 responses Top results

In poker we always want to have a good reason for every action we make in a hand, especially when betting or raising.

Most typically when we bet our hands it is either for value when we believe we have the best hand, or as a bluff when we believe our opponent has better. When betting for value, we want our opponents to call, and when bluffing, we want them to fold.

But within those two broad categories are lots of other, more specific reasons for betting. Today's installment of "The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz" presents eight no-limit hold'em scenarios, all of which involve a player making a bet for a specific reason. The challenge to you — tell us why we are betting in these situations.

Get six of eight right and you'll earn a passing grade for the quiz, and if you happen to miss any you'll see an explanation of what the correct answer was. When you're done, check out the "Top results" to see how you fared compared to others, and if logged into your PokerNews account you'll see your username on the list. If you don't have an account, click here to create one.

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Question 1

Matthew raises from the button with Ah-Kh and the player in the big blind calls. The flop comes Jc-Jd-4s. When checked to, Matthew bets. Why?

Question 2

A player raises from the button and Sarah defends her big blind by calling with Jh-10h. The flop comes Ah-Kc-4h and both players check. The turn is the 3c, and Sarah decides to bet two-thirds pot. Why?

Question 3

With the board showing Kc-Kd-4s-9h-8c and 1,000 in the pot, two players check to Pamela in late position who has Ad-Ks, and she bets 350. Why?

Question 4

Two players reach the turn with the board Ac-9h-8h-Kc. Mo has Ad-As for top set, and makes a big bet of just over three-fourths of the pot. Why?

Question 5

Before the flop a player raises from middle position and both the player on the button and the one in the small blind call. Marty looks down at 9c-3c in the big blind and decides to make a hefty reraise. Why?

Question 6

With Jc-10c Giovanni check-raised the flop and was called, then barrelled the turn and got called again. By the river the board shows Qc-9h-2c-2d-6s, and Giovanni makes one more half-pot bet. Why?

Question 7

A player raises from late position and it folds to Jason in the small blind who calls with Jc-10c. The flop comes Js-8d-4c. Jason checks, then calls his opponent’s continuation bet. Both check the 8c turn. The river brings the 2s and Jason leads with a small bet of one-third the pot. Why?

Question 8

Frank is on the button and gets dealt Js-2c. Everyone folds to him and he raises. Why?

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