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Tuchman vs. Moorman: Play a Big Pot With Big Slick?

Chris Moorman (left) and David Tuchman (right)
  • Big hands produce a big pot in this cash game hand from the @888poker Live event in London.

  • David @TuckonSports Tuchman analyzes a big cash game hand with Chris @Moorman1.

888poker Live kicked off a new season this week with a stop at the Aspers Casino in London where a no-limit hold'em cash game was among the highlighted events.

Chris Moorman, David Tuchman, and Vivian Saliba were among the players taking part in the cash game, after which Tuchman spoke to PokerNews about a big hand — and big preflop decision — he had versus Moorman.

The hand — along with the rest of the cash game session — has been archived and can be viewed on YouTube starting at around the 2 hour, 10 minute mark. That enables us to fill in some details to go along with Tuchman's analysis.

They were six-handed at the time in the £2/£5 game played with a £10 straddle. Tuchman was under the gun with the straddle having been dealt {A-Spades}{K-Diamonds}, and he watched one player limp before Moorman raised to £45 from the hijack seat.

It folded around to the small blind who called the raise, then after the big blind folded Tuchman chose to make it £185 to go. That chased the original limper, then Moorman reraised to £400, causing the small blind to fold.

Both Tuchman and Moorman began the hand with about £1,400 behind, meaning Tuchman had a decision to make.

Listen to Tuchman's thinking throughout the hand and find out what he chose to do with Big Slick in this spot.

"If I'm not being results oriented, I don't know if it's a terrible play," says Tuchman. "I'll talk to my friends about it and will get some feedback and see."

What would you do in Tuchman's not-so-comfortable spot against a player like Moorman?

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