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The Weekly PokerNews Quiz: Pocket Pairs & Probabilities

02-18-2017 30180 responses Top results

Rockets, cowboys, ladies, hooks... on down to presto, sailboats, crabs and ducks. It's always nice when playing no-limit hold'em to look down and see you've been dealt a pocket pair. You've already got a "made" hand — although as we all know, that doesn't necessarily mean you've "got it made."

This week's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Quiz is all about pocket pairs. See how well you know the probabilities surrounding these pocket-pair scenarios, and keep an eye out for a trick question that we've dealt along the way.

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Question 1

On average, you will be dealt a pocket pair once every ______ hands.

Question 2

On average, how often will you be dealt either A-A, K-K or Q-Q?

Question 3

You are dealt a pocket pair. What is the chance you will flop a set?

Question 4

You are dealt a pocket pair. What is the chance you will make a set or better by the river?

Question 5

On average, what is the chance a pocket pair will be suited?

Question 6

You hold J-J. What is the chance an ace, king or queen will come on the flop?

Question 7

You hold Q-Q. What is the chance an ace or a king will come on the flop?

Question 8

You hold K-K. What is the chance an ace will come on the flop?

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